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  1. I'm actually toying with putting a Speedzone OL 4 iron on my F6 5 iron shaft. I hear that if all you do is play Variable Length in the 5-GW, lengthening the OL to 5 iron length isn't an issue.
  2. I'm now toying with the Speedzones again. I also have a chance to move to the 4-6 OL irons in the Speedzones. Ideally I would prefer a straight trade and I'm including my TM 54 degree Z spin and my 58 BV lob wedge.
  3. I hear you there! Now that I will be adding a matching 4 iron to my F9 set, no need to worry about the Speedzones or Radspeed irons. These F9 lofts are strong enough for me!
  4. It could be but for older players like my dad...it would give them the freedom to play their current irons without it spending money for a full set.
  5. Thanks Golfspy! I did play quite well with them...but as I was playing two sets...I needed to settle on one set. I noticed. I played great with the 4-GW in the graphite irons...had I played them as graphite shafts...I might still be playing them today.
  6. I tried the F9s and then the Speedzones...I found the lofts in the 7-PW we're too strong. I prefer the lofts in the F9...and because they're stinger lofts, I'm expecting to see an extra 10-15 yards on my new irons per club. Over the course of a round that definitely adds up! I'm anticipating using my F9 4 and 5 irons off the tee on holes where accuracy is more important than length!! The 4 iron comes with a 19.5 degree loft, and the 5 iron has 22.5 degrees, so essentially what my 2 iron and 3 iron used to be!
  7. From what I'm seeing, some amateurs are even doing half sets with the difficult to hit long irons. That lets them play Variable Length in their 8 iron to GW. This is another option to consider if you're better with your short game than your long game. Just my 2 cent's worth.
  8. I hear you there! I'm thinking with the Forged Tech irons, Charles Barkley would be disconcerting...but the jump from game improvement to forged irons I believe has left about as much carnage as the Titanic. I agree...you need to be close to a scratch golfer to gain the benefits of forged player irons.
  9. I just heard from someone who has a rare find...an F9 4 iron. Looking forward to playing all F9s in my golf bag. The 5 hybrid and F9 driver are on my bucket list!
  10. Here's an update. I now have the F9 irons and it looks like I will be getting an F9 4 iron. I sold my Bio Cells two years ago and played the F7 irons last summer. After much thought and some range work, I decided to go with the F9 irons. I am also looking for a 4-6/7 iron in the Speedzone irons.
  11. Looking forward to the next Cobra GI testing. I'm always interested in what Cobra has up its sleeve next! Enjoy the Variable Length Radspeeds guys! I will be watching this testing with a lot of interest! Hit 'em long and hit 'em hard!
  12. I'm curious who the Cobra F8, F9, and Speedzone irons fans are here. I didn't get to try our the F8s when I had them, but I've had a chance to try out the F9 and Speedzone irons. I noticed how much I enjoyed the Speedzone 4 and 5 irons and liked the loft differential in the F9s from the 7 iron and up. At first the F9s felt a bit heavy in the steel but I gained a lot from testing out the Speedzones at our aqua range facility. I am hoping to get there at least once before my game on Monday. I don't know what all of your experiences have been, but I am very tempted to take a look at a combination of the Speedzone 4-6 irons and the F9 7 to GW. I'm sure that will answer some of my questions far as what my actual set makeup will be. Is anyone here with me there? . Remember there is right or wrong bag setup. It would be easier if we all played a full set of Cobra F8s, F9s, or Speedzones. After seeing what I experienced with the F9s and Speedzones in recent weeks, I've been able to broaden my horizons more. If you look at the example of a number pro golfers on the tour...they play more forgiving irons in the longer irons {Rickie Fowler played an F9 4 iron in his set for some time.) So it's good to know that even tour pros are dealing with the same issues we as amateurs are dealing with. Something else up for consideration is the advent of One Length irons. If I were struggling with my longer a irons, I would stick with the VL for my 8 iron to GW and add the OL for my 4 tp 7 irons. Again...play to your strengths. Since moving over to GI irons some years ago, my long irons have been my strong suit. For me, consistency and club selection in my 7 iron to GW is the area I need the most work in. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. What's worked for you and why do you think that is? For me, as mentioned, the long irons have turned into my favorite clubs because to me, there's nothing more thrilling and exciting than purring a long iron and watching it sail towards the green or seeing it split the middle of the fairway over ending up on the right side of the fairway in the rough. Happy golfing everyone and welcome to the wonderful, confusing world of Cobra GI irons! Be sure to stop every so often to just enjoy the smell of the roses! GTiger aka Cobra Guy
  13. Here's a rundown of what I currently have in my golf bag: Cobra Bio Cell Silver driver, 9.5 deg loft Cobra Bio Cell 3/4 fairway wood, set to 14.5 deg Cobra Baffler 19 degree 3 hybrid. Adams Redline 21 degree 4 hybrid Bui Cell Red 4-6 irons, 7-gw Bio Cell Silver irons Cobra Baffler XL 55 degree sand wedge C0bra Trusty Rusty Tour Black 60 deg lob wedge Cobra Optima putter with new 3.0 SuperStroke grip Cobra white and blue staff golf bags. Note: i have two complete Bio Cell irons sets. The other set is Blue with mainly stiff steel shafts and a Black Bio Cell 6 iron as well as a Bio Cell pitching wedge ladies pink clubhead with men's stiff steel shaft. And I have the option of playing my Bio Cell Silver 19 degree hybrid and Cobra F-Max 4 hybrid. I kept he Bio Cell Silver 4 iron with a stiff graphite shaft to use as a driving iron and am looking to add a 5 iron to that as well. I might get my Bio Cell Red 5 and Bio Cell Blue 6 iron heads into the Bio Cell 4 and 5 graphite shafts. And I have another two ball putter - Odyssey - with a SuperStroke 3.0 grip. Cobra Bio Cell 2014.pdf
  14. Hello from Martensville/Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. played cheaper mid-sized irons for years until oversized irons came out. That took my game to a whole new level! \I played Canadian brand TNT irons for the most part and worked into the hybrid iron combo from there. My first clubs were Adams Golf - the A3s and then I moved up to the A7 Os and a7 irons. Last summer, I moved up to demo Cobra Golf and the Bio Cell hybrid irons. I never looked back and am really looking forward to an awesome golf season. I also play the Bio driver and 34 wood. My current sand wedge is the Ladies Baffler XL 55 degree sand wedge with a regular steel sand wedge shaft and a Tour Trusty Rusty 60 degree lob wedge.
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