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  1. Thanks for all of the insight. I did not agree with my partners ruling but he is more experienced than me in the rules. Ultimately, the action did not impact the final result of the players involved, but good to know the rules. The diagram is the easiest way to understand the rules. Wish all of the rules had a picture description .
  2. My ball landed among trees on hard pan and close to the paved cart path. I could not stand to address the ball accept on the cart path. My playing partner said the new rules allowed the following: place a tee in a place so you can address the ball; then you can move 2 club links no closer to the hole from the position of the tee. Drop the ball; however the drop was in the middle of the cart path. He said place the ball 2 club lengths which placed the ball in the middle of the cart path. Then he said you get 2 more club lengths no closer to the hole. Drop the ball and hit. I moved the ba
  3. Wes Brown, Charlotte, NC Hdcp - 15, Swing speed 87MPH Ping G-400 SFT Ping G-410 SFT
  4. I just recently switched to the G-400 SFT from G-30. I would be interested in testing the G-410 SFT to compare with the G-400. MY G-400 SFT has improved my shot dispersion now allowing me to put 13 out of 14 drives in the short grass. That is an improvement from the G-30 where I would usually get 9-10 in the short grass. I use a regular shaft with jumbo grip. My average drives including roll out are 220 to 240 yards. With the SFT, I can move the ball right or left much more positively than with the G-30.
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