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  1. James Ohlson - Northern Colorado Yes-Samsung S9 using GolfNow complete App Samsung S9 using GolfNow complete App
  2. James, Colorado Sometimes I use the alignment aid on the ball, if available TP5 Align XL Choice (Red/AlignXLPersonalized/JUST TAP IT IN)
  3. - James - Colorado - White Line (Odyssey White Hot knock off) - Frontline 4.0, 34", RH
  4. HomeTownKid


  5. James/Berthoud, CO 25 handicap/ 100 mph I do not play a hybrid currently. I have a 3 iron and 4 iron in the bag that i only use for punching out under the trees. This leaves a big gap in the bag between my 5 wood and 5 iron. I don't really know what loft i would need. I'm guessing something around a 21-24 degree loft.
  6. James/Colorado White Line Right hand Why are you interested in testing the TA Impact #3. I have been using the same putter for 15 years. i have started looking at updating this year. From your guys research on putters it came down the TA and Envroll. Price wise i like the TA.
  7. - James - Berthoud/Colorado - 90-100/25 handicap - Playing 3wd and 5 wd then into a 3 & 4 irons (that i can't hit). Love my 3 & 5wds, even though though they are from Walmart back in the 90's, Northwestern brand. I have been toying with idea of a 4 hybrid and new woods. I'm not long off the tee so i use these club more often than my playing partners.
  8. - James - Colorado - White Line - Some where in the middle, good days and bad days.
  9. James/Colorado Ping G5/10.5/Ping/Stiff 25/110 mph/No LM I have not played Tour Edge before.
  10. 1. James, Colorado 2. +23, 100-110 mph 3. Ping G5, 10.5 Stiff shaft 4. Epic Flash
  11. 1. James Ohlson, Colorado 2. 23, 100-110 mph 3. Ping G5, stiff 4. G410 SFT
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