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  1. Just curious if DDC will be adding, mainly how quickly will they be available, all the new stuff that is coming out right now, i.e. the new Mizuno ST-G 220. Also do they have the full lines of the big 5 available?
  2. I hit fade with pretty much half my tee shots. However my bad miss is the dead pull. With as much adjustability as this thing has; it would be fun to try out all the different set ups to see what works.
  3. Congrats to those selected. I have wondered how this would work for awhile now.
  4. I have not been able to try any Honma equipment. It would be good to try something outside the big 5.
  5. This would be a nice, and needed, upgrade from Ping G5. That was the last on only club I have been fitted for.
  6. Tyler, we have some great courses up her in No Co. A lot of really good muni course. I typically play Mariana Butte in Loveland or Highland Meadows in Windsor. TPC Colorado is a beautiful course, but I could make a car payment for what a round of 18 costs out there. If you make it up this way let me know maybe we meet up for 18.
  7. That is great info! I really appreciate the quick response. I have thrown my info out there for a few reviews. I will typically only do it if it fits my game and where I want to take it. I am your average golfer. I am getting closer to breaking 90 this year, probably the first time since college. When you only play a half dozen rounds a year you want to put your money where it counts.
  8. Question for the tester. Did you get just the TSi head and you then get fit and select a shaft from Titleist? Is there a cost to getting the shaft you are fit for? I am assuming that you will have to cover the cost of the fitting? I'm interested in how this all works. Would like to do some testing and reviewing and I am just starting to get into the forum more.
  9. Hi everyone! I have been on the forum for a little while just not very active. I think that getting on this might help improve my game, if only a little. Below is a little about me. I have been playing golf since I was 17 so 24 years, wow 24 years! I have never been an avid golfer. I would play anywhere from 0-6 rounds a year. The most I played was over the summer when I was in college. I worked at a course and would play 3-4 days a week. I had my scoring down to low 80's. Then graduated and moved to Colorado and went back to 0-6 rounds a year. so currently my scores are in the low 90's and I am pushing to break 90. I missed it by one stroke a coupe weeks ago. Long and short I am somone who wants to play more, but life and budget get in the way. If you are in Northern Colorado and need someone to fill a foursome I will do my best to be that person.
  10. First Name: James City, State: Loveland, CO Current Driver in Play: Ping G5 Handicap:20+ Swing Speed: I don't know, I'm guessing around 100 mph Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  11. James Ohlson - Northern Colorado Yes-Samsung S9 using GolfNow complete App Samsung S9 using GolfNow complete App
  12. James, Colorado Sometimes I use the alignment aid on the ball, if available TP5 Align XL Choice (Red/AlignXLPersonalized/JUST TAP IT IN)
  13. - James - Colorado - White Line (Odyssey White Hot knock off) - Frontline 4.0, 34", RH
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