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  1. Happy holidays to all. I play two to three times a week with sanantonioseniorgolf.com. I am an eleven handicap, retired teacher and golf coach. My only gps is whatever is on the local golf cart. I would love to test and review the new Skycaddie SX400.
  2. Lester San Antonio, Tx Cleveland Elevado 2135 Elevado single bend 35”
  3. I would love to be a tester. Play twice a week. I’m a 12 in San Antonio, Tx.
  4. There is a lot of focus on fitting services lately. How would you rank them in order of importance and why? Driver fitting, iron fitting, or putter fitting.
  5. Hello all, Im a dedicated member here in San Antonio, TX of Sanantonioseniorgolf.com we have four games per week between 16-50 golfers. I'm a 12, 90mph, chrome soft.
  6. Lester / Texas G25/12* adj/ping reg 11.4/90/no Never played Tour Edge Member of San Antonio Senior Golf. 50 of us traveling to Las Vegas June 7-10.
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