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  1. I currently play the TZ6 60g M5. In a fitting it came to that or the Diamana DF. Does anyone know the major differences between the two?
  2. I use the Sun Mountain LS 14-Way https://shop.sunmountain.com/4-5-ls-14-way-bag-detail I use Mid Sized CP2 Wrap grips with extra wraps in my wedges. While I don't like the extra weight that the 14-Way brings, I find that 14 way bags are just easier to deal with and preserve my grips better. When I use other bag setups, the clubs all get stuck on each other and are a ****** to get in and out and wear out the grips from rubbing. I did the 14-way (a little disappointedly) but haven't looked back. It's been way better. If you don't play larger grips, probably no worries...
  3. Chris Janeway, Costa Mesa, CA 25 rounds Instagram - Facebook - Twitter Handicap 15 Swing Speed 118 714 AP2, S18 wedges, X Forged UT iron, g410 lst 3w, G400 max Driver F9 Speedback irons x flex, King wedges 58, 54, 50, driver 9° x-flex, F9 Tour 3w x-flex
  4. I've been playing golf for about 15 years. I am currently a 15hcp after having kids and playing less. Looking forward to getting back to single digits! The feeling of the "great" rounds where you can't miss and it all feels "easy" for a bit is utterly addictive. I love being outside and the continued challenge of pursuing improvement. I've been an avid reader of the articles, reviews etc and finally decided to jump in on the forum. Costa Mesa, CA - no real home course but often play Santa Ana CC and Oak Creek Golf Club Southern CA is great for year round golf! Worst is crowded slow play. I have a Wealth Management firm and am a husband and father to two boys. I'm a proud dad and proud California Golden Bear.
  5. 1. Chris - California 2. 15, 118mph 3. Ping G400 Max w/ Rogue Silver 70x 4. I would prefer to review the G410 Plus
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