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  1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? My dad put a club in my at the age of the five and I never looked back. I quite baseball in 7th grade played golf in high school and in college. Been playing competitively for 11 years and my current handicap is a 1.5. What do you love about golf? What I love about golf is that every day is different and will never be the same. Being outside navigating the golf course on a beautiful day, there is nothing like it. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I have been using MyGolfSpy to check out what other people have to say about different topics but I never really got into voicing what I have to say. I currently don't know any other golfers that are blogging about their ideas. Where are you from? What is your home course? I am from Rutland VT, and my home course is Rutland Country Club and Proctor Pittsford Country Club. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Living in the northeast has its challenges with winter being so long but makes the summer golf totally worth. So many mountain courses and elevation changes through out the round you always have to be on your toes about making the right club selection. Being from Vermont makes traveling the country an eye opening experience. Any opportunity to travel to play golf sign me up. What do you do for a living? I am currently an assistant superintendent at a small 9 hole course out on Lake bomoseen. How’d you pick your user name? I picked my user name because its fits really well on this platform and its how I would like to introduce my self to the golf would.
  2. Hey guys I have few ideas for making improvements to the bag as the 2019 season is around the corner. I got fitted for my current equipment two years ago and I dropped my handicap from 5.6 down to a 1.5 index in just two seasons. I feel very confident with what I have in the bag now but I just know that on a round to round basis there are small areas to improve on. I am currently playing Ping through the whole bag. Driver: G400 LST 10 degree with a Project X hzrdus yellow 76 gram x-stiff shaft. Woods: G400 5 wood with a Project X hzrdus yellow 76 gram x-stiff shaft. Irons: 3-pw iBlades with Dynamic Gold x-100 shafts. Wedges: Glide 2.0 wedges 50-54-58 with Dynamic Gold S400 tour issue shafts. Putter: Ping sigma G tyne 34" mallet. My G400 LST driver is my favorite club in the bag. When I have the driver in my hand I feel that I am always going to hit the fairway. But by the end of the round I feel that my club head speed will slow down by 4-6 mph which makes the Hzrdus x-stiff shaft harder to keep up with. So my thoughts were to maybe look into a stiff flex that has a little more wight so its still there when I want to go after one. Love my G400 5 wood haven't had any problems with this club. It fits perfectly in my bag between my 3 iron and driver just felt like 3 wood was to much for me. The Ping iBlades are awesome irons I really like how much forgiveness they have for blades. My distances are just around an 8-12 yard gap for each club which makes them very consistent from 3-pw. But I feel like its the same issue as the driver, by the end of the round I feel like my club head speed starts to slow down. So my thoughts are that the x-100 shafts are great but I feel that the S400 tour issues would give me the same feel as the x-100 but it would save me at the end of the round by being a little bit less stiff. If not S400's I feel like the Nippon N.S. Pro Modus x-stiff would be a great alternate. My wedges are good can't complain about them, I hit them pretty constantly from full shots to half shots to around the green, but I would like to compare them to the new Ping forged wedges and see if there is a difference. The Putter has been my biggest downfall in my game and I think its time to go big or go home on this one. I have been struggling for years with trying to find the right putter for my stroke until I did a putter fitting. Probably one of the most helpful things for me was to identify my type of stroke and what fits it best. The Ping sigma G tyne is a face balanced mallet that fits my stroke really well and I like the feel of it but not a big fan of the sound it makes. Even tho the sigma G tyne came in third on the most wanted mallet putters for 2018 I think its time to change it up. Evnroll is at the top of list of most wanted putters for 2018 in two different categories, mallet and blade. I think its almost a no brainer to check out what evnroll has to offer, it pretty much sells me with just the name of it. The science behind them are pretty cool you will have to check them out for yourself. (evnroll.com.) These are some of my ideas for improvement for 2019 in the bag. Let me know what you guys think. Good luck to everyone this year may 2019 be the best yet. Thanks, JustinDel_Golf
  3. 1. Justin - Rutland VT 2. 1.5 hdcp, 121 mph 3. G400 LST 10 degrees x-stiff shaft 4. G410 SFT 10 degrees x-stiff shaft Been playing with Ping since the G20 series came out and never looked back. I love my G400 LST been hitting great since the day I got it. Driving is my favorite part of the game and I am interested to see what this new driver can do.
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