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  1. Congrats to all who won, although I am massively bummed myself! I even went the TSi2 route thinking that would be the lowest replies Guess I'll be looking for the reviews soon!!!! Who has one of these in a fitting bay?
  2. This is AWESOME. I'd love to test these because I tend to spin my driver just a bit on the higher side. I'm typically 2600-2800 of backspin on GC Quad. Would essentially like to see that come down to 13 deg launch and 2100 - 2300 backspin. I'm an engineer so very detail oriented and love stats. I've recently donated (shameless plug I know). Erik Phoenix, Az TM M5 10.5 set to 9.75 Fuji Pro 2.0 Tour spec 7x 13 index 110-112mph TSi2 10.0 deg
  3. Thanks for the feedback, will be fun to play with it for sure
  4. Not to be greedy, but will be throwing my hat in the ring for the iron giveaways!!!
  5. These reviews are very encouraging with an new TR20 on it's way. I'll try to collect data vs my TM M5 and post the results. Anyone on here have a GC Quad in their basement @PMookie, where did you get it fit with a Ventus? What was the difference you got with that vs the Vizard?
  6. Just won a TR20 and was concerned about trying to "fit it" to beat my gamer. Hit some at PGA Superstore, but they just don't have the options right for me. I felt I need a little head weight and stiffer shaft. Would love to discuss with you a bit if avail? Also on the weights, I also think I would benefit from a little more up front and maybe some on the toe (fight the hooks). Don't see any options to purchase them. Have some demo's I can try out :).
  7. Ha, 785s seem to play like blades for me. Good hits are so money, mishit lose 20 yards or more. I think mine are broken.
  8. I have a black ER5. Love it. Has anyone filled in the alignment holes with white paint? In certain light, I can't really see them. Just looking for where to get and how to paint the holes?
  9. I'd post your comparison chart from IG on here if you can. Really interesting numbers wise to show how good they really are. I did find a spot with GC Quad, just need to find out if I need to do an iron fitting or if they will rent out the bay (Probably about the same cost). It's been the hardest thing for me to compare as well being a poor ball striker. So inconstant to really get a good comparison feel. 20 or 30 balls on a GC quad will be great for finding my range. The 699s feel really good, but I miss hit them a lot so far. Wondering if I need xstiff due to the weight of the heads o
  10. Thanks, based on their recommendations, that should be far enough away for a good measurement.
  11. Have you tried any on course testing yet?
  12. When you were comparing it to the quad, were you hitting it short distances? Into a net or screen a short distance? I'd love to find someone in the Phx area with a GC quad for rent, but so far I can't find anyone that even has one.
  13. I'd like to get some launch monitor data with my 699 demos against my M5s. Anyone here know where I can get some time in a bay in Phoenix (live and work near the airport)? All this talk about the 639 makes me wonder if i tried the wrong demos. Also, if anyone here is in Phoenix and wants to try them, let me know I'll meet you at the range. I too want to reiterate the message of class and genuine premier service. Jason is a class act, and even set me up with demos to fit my settings.
  14. Played one round and an hour of practice, and all I can so far is they are very unlucky haha. I have lost over 2 sleeves already, but wouldn't claim the ball was bad. They were good ball flights, but I just can't seem to find them after they go slightly offline I'm going to end up having to dip into the 2nd dozen I bought for my buddy to get a full feel on these things
  15. What happened to the $20 discount on the Impact No 3, is it over already?
  16. Erik Crossley Phoenix Az Swing Speed - 112mph driver/92mph 6 iron Current Ball - Been trying out various balls this year and have really enjoyed playing the TP5x and the Srixon Z Star XV (previously I played Pro V1x and was one of those play what I find guys). The XV has seemed to be the longest ball I have played with, but the TP5x has been a straighter ball for me with really good feel. I played the Vice Pro Plus this year, but it was consistently shorter. However, it did feel pretty good off irons. I tried Bridgestone Tour Bx based on your study, but for some reason I cou
  17. Thank you for this event, and thank you to Wilson for the prizes. It was fun. Would like to suggest a way to track the progress as the event is going on if possible.
  18. Erik C. , Phoenix, 50/yr Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 15.1, 112-115 driver, 92mph 6 iron TM M5 Fuji Pro 2.0 Tour spec 7x, Rocketballz 3 wood xS Accra, Rocketballz 3 Hybrid xS Accra, TM M5 4-PW Modus Tour 120S + 1/2", Cleveland G15 52, 54, 60. Driver 10.5 XS Project X Hzrds blk 75, 3-4 wood XS something to launch ball a little higher, 3 hybrid XS with higher launch characteristics, 4-PW XS Nippon Pro Modus 105 +1/2 up 1 deg, King Wedges 50/56/60. I'm an engineer who is very detail oriented. I'm would be excited to be able to give feedback with real world data ga
  19. Erik - Az 15.1(working down with new clubs /Swing Speed 112-115 Taylormade M5 - Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7x Epic Flash Sub Zero
  20. I work for the wrong engineering company if you are able to play 4-5 days/wk.....
  21. 1. Erik - Arizona 2. 14.1 handi, 112-114 swing speed 3. Taylormade M5, Fuji Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7x 4. G410 Plus, 10.5 XS
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