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  1. Name: Michael Forget Location: Hatboro PA I currently use a Caddytek Caddyview v2 rangefinder with slope and will use 18 birdies or BlueGolf for pre-round course measuring to plan out tournament rounds I love technology in golf and I am an avid user, but have quickly learned that there is a line where technology cannot help you any more than it has and from there you must find your own way,
  2. Michael Pennsylvania 105 mph Snell MTB Black I used the black when the red was still out and still use the black. I highly enjoy the black and have had great results, but I would like to test the X to see if it would be better for my game.
  3. Michael Pennslyvania Top Flite Tour 1.0 (please feel pity) Definitely a weakness
  4. 1. Michael Forget/ Pennslyvania 2. 18 handicap/ 105ss 3. Titleist 915D3 4. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero
  5. Michael Forget Pennsylvania Handicap: 18 Swing Speed: 108 Current Driver: Titleist 915 D3 8.5 degrees, Diamana Blue 60g X-stiff shaft Love to try the G410 Plus
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