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  1. Ryan Mechanicville, NY titleist ts2 tensei blue 9.2 index 102 mph tsi2
  2. Ryan Greenhall - Melrose NY handicap- 8 current irons- srixon combo z585 and z785
  3. Handicap 8 Melrose, NY srixon 785 8 iron 155 i follow Sub70 online. I have never hit one. Never demoed any of their stuff
  4. Ryan Greenhall- Melrose, NY yes I currently use arrcos and the distance isn’t accurate. Yes, currently using arrcos but looking for a change. The app isn’t always accurate.
  5. Ryan Greenhall melrose, NY usually 2 3 putts around. I have never heard of this product before today. I was the best putter I knew and lost it over the last few years. I have spent a ton of money on lessons. I have been practicing a lot but don’t always know how. I have been looking for a training to help me with my putting. I would love to test this. I really need something to get my putting back to where it was
  6. Ryan Mechanicville, NY 100-103 driver speed ill test either, prefer the 460 thanks for the opportunity
  7. Ryan Greenhall melrose, NY 7.8 handicap srixon 585 785 combo set titleist t100
  8. Ryan Greenhall Melrose, NY I currently use 18 birdies on my phone I love technology as long as it works. If it is a good quality I want it.
  9. Ryan Greenhall melrose, NY i don’t currently use a line, I use the logo. The line didn’t go on straight. I use snell mtb-x Align XL Personalized BLACK text ForTheKing
  10. Ryan Greenhall Melrose Ny 7.8 snell mtb-x 92-94 mph driver club head speed
  11. Melrose, NY driver swing speed 94 current ball- snell mtb-x prefer the x but open to both
  12. Ryan Greenhall NY 9 handicap- 94 mph swing speed Titleist TS2 ping g410 sft
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