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  1. Ty Reno, NV i ride in a cart 100% of the time. Have been looking into one of these as walking would be preferable without having to push a cart around our courses here.
  2. Ty Reno, NV Taylormade M5 - Current Driver 13 HDCP Index 112 Swing Speed TSI3
  3. Ty - Reno, NV Callaway MD4 54 degree S grind 56 Degree Mid
  4. 14 hdcp - Reno NV Callaway Apex Pro - 8-iron distance = 168 yards What do you know about Sub70? Not much other than seeing them on your most wanted lists. Would love to test these and see how they compare and they look pretty sweet as well. Thanks for all you guys do.
  5. Ty F RENO NV 10 Callaway Apex Pro T - 100s - Think these would fit me nicely to help lower my high ball flight with irons.
  6. Ty Frade - Reno, NV I currently use a laser range finder or GPS Apple Watch app Being an IT guy I love technology and try to use it whenever possible to help my golf game.
  7. Ty - Reno, NV 24hdcp, 115mph swing speed Titleist TS3 G410 Plus
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