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  1. I have a Guchi watch and a Rollex ring! Pay what you want. Play what you want. America the Beautiful
  2. Head over to Dublin and check out Jacks host course and get a street banner picture for your collection its very close to C bus
  3. Hit some balls with a split grip. Put your right hand 3 or 4 inches below your left hand in a 10 finger modified baseball grip. This makes you have to release the club through impact.your chicken wing swing cant happen with this drill or your right elbow will break some ribs lol
  4. ODogs Driver

    ODogs Driver

  5. Honestly a good grip instal is when you do not think about the way the club feels in your hands when you step into a shot. Everything else is purely cosmetic. Some people I know prefer ribbed grips to be actually twisted for their weak or strong grip. Alignment grips with visible lines are to help you square the face but once a player actually knows what square looks like these are unneeded as well. A bad instal is when you "feel" the grip ie tape bump, ridge in finger line ,or whatever makes you "think" or uncomfortable over the ball. UNLESS its your putter then everything above about alignment and squaring is a lie
  6. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cords have been good enough for me for twenty plus years in South Florida
  7. Staring right then"cutting" back left is a over the top open face path your landing and rolling left sounds to me like the OTT move has been lessened somthe shot has more roll out left because the sidespin energy has not been absorbed in the flight psth IMHO thoughts fellow spies?
  8. Ditto thst Max I will fill out whatever but not big on signing in
  9. Usually best tomget the swing weights the same then retest for lie angle especially since the lengths may be slightly different
  10. Jim is the man at Maple Hill very personable and knowledeable will spend time discussing with and recommending to you even just on the sales floor not just in the launch kitchen
  11. Amazon "could" be home to lets jst say not actual manufacturer equiptment
  12. I us an app called technique its great to video tape and examine your swing.you can compare side by side with pro swings.start by comparing set ups ie hand position ball position what not and work back from there. The most important thingnfor distance other than ACTUALLY making a full shoulder turn over a full hip rotation is to make sure your left wrist(for righties) is atleast flat if not a la Ben Hogan and cupped down(knuckles down NOT up) at the top of your swing. It will feel very strange at first but you can not impact properly without this position. Hope it helps keep us informed of your progress
  13. I would guess that the covers on balls are much more abrasive for lack of a better term than say the true balata balls of days gone by. So I think the plating wears off much faster since the covers are harder
  14. Are those the "cord" style grips I have seen in a few pro shops that are mostly colored grips jjp? No actual cord n them right? They felt ok n the short shaft display. Please repost after a few rounds so We know how they perform
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