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  1. Tour Velvets are great in humidity and heat when new if you clean them after every round they last a lot longer I prefer the tour velvet cord myself but these must be cleaned and sanded often also have been playing them since the 90s so not hip to the new stuff
  2. I say to each his own.....Unless its a par 3 you may be displaying that one on your mantle for years to come!
  3. I see this is an old redirected link from a NEW banner article now thanks Guys. Did not think it would send me to a year old page in tester wanted from today sorry I will have to read more carefully next time
  4. Mike/Michigan/Florida Scotty. Santa Fe or Taylormade Spider putters are Classy
  5. Not sure how to apply the link has no info Please send me one Dr Bob #BonitaBayCC
  6. Mike from Fl lives in Michigan been playing since I was 5 40+years lol I am an 11 handicap shooting mid 80s from 6200 thanks for having me Guys and Gals
  7. Use a tee to plug the hole at end of grip it will pop out when the grip hits the butt end . Save the compressor for the golf cart tires
  8. Mike Michigan 12 101 Sft Please Adams F12 Diamana Blue Board regular tipped 1/4
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