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  1. Amazon "could" be home to lets jst say not actual manufacturer equiptment
  2. I us an app called technique its great to video tape and examine your swing.you can compare side by side with pro swings.start by comparing set ups ie hand position ball position what not and work back from there. The most important thingnfor distance other than ACTUALLY making a full shoulder turn over a full hip rotation is to make sure your left wrist(for righties) is atleast flat if not a la Ben Hogan and cupped down(knuckles down NOT up) at the top of your swing. It will feel very strange at first but you can not impact properly without this position. Hope it helps keep us informed of your progress
  3. I would guess that the covers on balls are much more abrasive for lack of a better term than say the true balata balls of days gone by. So I think the plating wears off much faster since the covers are harder
  4. Are those the "cord" style grips I have seen in a few pro shops that are mostly colored grips jjp? No actual cord n them right? They felt ok n the short shaft display. Please repost after a few rounds so We know how they perform
  5. Historically Titleist equip can be hard to hit. For the averrage golfer. The tour pros are.a different. breed thats why they Dominate on tour. Plus they make the money off ball sales not so much clubs so that is where the advertiseing dollars go. Think about it how many clubs to balls does the average player purchase each season .
  6. Tour Velvets are great in humidity and heat when new if you clean them after every round they last a lot longer I prefer the tour velvet cord myself but these must be cleaned and sanded often also have been playing them since the 90s so not hip to the new stuff
  7. I say to each his own.....Unless its a par 3 you may be displaying that one on your mantle for years to come!
  8. I see this is an old redirected link from a NEW banner article now thanks Guys. Did not think it would send me to a year old page in tester wanted from today sorry I will have to read more carefully next time
  9. Mike/Michigan/Florida Scotty. Santa Fe or Taylormade Spider putters are Classy
  10. Not sure how to apply the link has no info Please send me one Dr Bob #BonitaBayCC
  11. Mike from Fl lives in Michigan been playing since I was 5 40+years lol I am an 11 handicap shooting mid 80s from 6200 thanks for having me Guys and Gals
  12. Mike midwest Mi 11 -101 adams f12 diamana blue board reg sub zero
  13. Use a tee to plug the hole at end of grip it will pop out when the grip hits the butt end . Save the compressor for the golf cart tires
  14. Mike Michigan 12 101 Sft Please Adams F12 Diamana Blue Board regular tipped 1/4
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