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    What brings us here? Golf of course! Always have been an outdoor/sport type. Grew up baseball and transitioned to golf later. I also enjoy getting in range time (not golf but shooting) PEWPEWlife
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  1. Cheat cheat never beat. But if I had to choose the cheater to win an event. The other guy hurts no one but himself or herself
  2. The absolute worst! I was not the most responsible back in the day (3 license suspensions) and drove across the country with no license at the time.....is that an option for you? but seriously sucks and MA is ridiculous gotta get their dime out of the deal
  3. So at this point in time with work I do not have much time for workouts and the gym at work is closed (will most likely be the last thing to reopen once folks are back) so all I am doing is daily stretching and whatever workout I get from stuff around the house and kids. Anything that changes at this point can be directly attributed to the diet change. Eventually the workout will be back in the routine but hopefully will see some good results before that point.
  4. It’s like with the weight if I don’t lose a lot and BP doesn’t change (mine isn’t bad) than that’s fine I’m just curious after seeing and reading a lot of things abo it the vegan aspect and how folks have completely changed those things
  5. Nice! Can’t beat the smell of a fresh tree! love the lights. Turn the lights off and turn those bad boys on, I pass out in 10 tops
  6. Forgot we actually have a blood pressure and heart rate monitor at work. Going to start taking that tomorrow weekly if not daily. I have a baseline from my last physical.
  7. Just caught up my google sheet if anyone is interested. Was logging daily but past 5 days to be expected were pretty busy. Week 2 recap is in there but overal I feel great and am definitely “groggy” when I am not eating a food meal. The past few days prior and after thanksgiving we had done quick meals and and ate out after Friday’s round. I can feel the difference even within a few hours. I am somewhat tired but I don’t think it’s the diet change it’s work is pretty busy and the holiday season sucks it out of me (get all our stuff done early so we aren’t rushing around later) Als
  8. Yes San Diego was a getting dressed nightmare. “Bundle up” (and I use that as a San Diego bundle up) in the morning. Make sure you have layers because it’s shorts and T-shirt when ya get off the ship . I actually was not a huge fan of the dry heat all the time, I like my summers humid
  9. We lucked out found some down in the cape. Was looking like we wouldn’t get anything but lucked out. Never dropped below 50 I think I’ve played there once I recognize the barn
  10. Just glad I got to play today! Score was tough 95. Was not due to my driver at all with 8/12 fairways. The horse that broke the camels back was my terrible iron and wedge play with 3/18 greens woof! this picture right here sums up the steel play: I was just happy to be out and was stroking the driver. Putting was ok.
  11. I just assumed the beak looked different from a hawk and was much smaller than the hawks we usually have around here.
  12. Yesterday we had a weird morning. Decent amount of wildlife but in the span of 10 minutes we saw our back 4 blue jays roaming, they scattered when this guy popped up....falcon he was there for a good while searching for something not sure what. after that 4 deer, they scattered when the neighbors shepherd came to play. we have a good amount of activity usually but have not seen that many jays and a falcon
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