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  1. There is a local sim that has this about 30 Minutes from the house but have not made it out there yet. Have heard it’s incredible though
  2. Another really solid fish tonight. Vegan sausage spinach gnocchi soup. I was skeptical but it’s fire
  3. Have a great day @daviddvm!!
  4. I wouldn’t survive....we had a normal amount this year typically spread out a little more but 2 storms were huge. Totals for our area 62”
  5. 1) damn you still have a lot of snow 🥲 2) those are perfection cooked
  6. Let me know what ones ya want my wife picks some and I pick some more than happy to shoot the links over. I highly recommend the chili Mac and vegan gumbo
  7. Got 3 to make the cut I’ll take it
  8. It’s either project x LZ6.5 or modus 125 S. Either one I really like and I don’t have a real preference in either.
  9. Yea if it does oh well. Then that’s my second sign and I’ll go with Titleist lol. As you can tell my though processes are super sound
  10. So here ya go. This is my 1 day of “screw it im buying it” mindset. Rad speed will be in next week Golf balls.com made my decision for me with a promo code of 20% off (not eligible on titleist) that was my sign..... when it comes in I’ll bring it to dicks to get cut down .5” and mid size grip
  11. Just in general. I need. 48* and it’s either an SM8 or p790 AW 2* strong. Leaning towards the SM8 because it will be a more versatile club for me lik my 52. I know the shafts I would want so if 1 is long lead I would go with the other
  12. Well summed up. I think you can safely say going to an OeM specific fitting they’re going to be able to tell you everything about their specific product and what it can do. You can hone in that 1 thing. I would say with confidence going to either PGASS/club champion/true spec so on and so on its location dependent. Full bag fitting I’m going to true spec. Odds and ends PGASS
  13. It’s crazy. The material I am typically looking at for work has come back and We have also found local suppliers but this is a whole different realm it’s crazy.
  14. Enjoy the game. I was and still am very competitive but I would get pretty amped up if I didn’t play well. Baseball was a little different and I could use that energy in the game not in golf. When I am not playing well or have a bad shot I still focus on what I did or didn’t do to get that result but I don’t get pissed so it doesn’t effect my game like it once did
  15. I know @PMookiesaid to check with OEMs to see if something specific like the grip was going to put it on a longer lead time. Is that as simple as dialing the context number and asking?
  16. Is anyone else seeing this long of lead time for clubs/orders? Not sure if just being cautious and if it comes in a few weeks no sweet off their back but woof
  17. Ah Jease. Will keep you and your family on my thoughts and prayers
  18. Western mass is out west for us folk lol
  19. So for me I am in two totally different realms in my golf knowledge. If I went to PGASS and true spec the same time it would have been different. True spec fitter explained everything to me. What he saw in my swing, what was wrong and what was good. Why he was putting certain things in for me and why it worked.....I wouldn’t have gotten the same thing from this fitter at PGASS at all. fast forward to now I’m a lot more knowledgeable, enough to be dangerous anyway. So it wasn’t as big of a deal but I like the reasoning behind things and I didn’t get that at all from PGASS but I wasn’t l
  20. "If it aint broke dont fix it". Glad you got confirmation on everything.
  21. I have put in a lot of time into my swing over the past year or so. This was a very typical striking pattern during that work. So what I can say is that getting fitted properly can really do wonders in the striking area as well as working on the swing. Goes hand in hand.
  22. You lose all credibility with "air force base".....
  23. Thanks @cnosilI think its important to hit on that my fitter was very knowledgeable. He wasn't the most "entertaining" as I did most of the talking but I was not there for amusement of chit chat. I think if you have a reputable fitter that is what is key and Natick, MA has one. @pouetvlit was a great experience and I cannot go wrong. I have hit that TSI multiple times and its ridiculously consistent.....I am definitely hitting the bay 1 or 2 more times.
  24. Lol you know I’m just going to text you randomly one day with a screenshot of the order confirmation lol. All impulse no thought over here
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