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  1. Love the new tabs with each type of equipment. So easy to use
  2. Or Saudi Arabia/Iran peace accord
  3. Alright I am going with this: 1) cut line +2 2) Tiger after 2 rounds -1
  4. What do you use? I love the Rohto cool relief (doesnt look to be on that list), it has a serious cooling sensation is all ill say but I love it
  5. Quick update, few years and still using the SIM 3 wood. I love it. Off the deck, off the tee doesnt matter its an absolute smoke. I am 53% fairways hit with a left biased 35% left miss. With a smart distance of 243 yards from 123 total shots. I love this club and its going to take alot to remove it but its aging and I am sure something down the road could knock it off. My favorite thing about the club is the feeling off the face. It honestly feels better than my driver on the screws. Its just an absolute blast off the face and for me has the perfect flight for windy days.
  6. Also @GolfSpy_APH been here a while and am not sure where to go or if there is but is there a link to potential badges? Curious if there is somethin else to put in mine over another
  7. Have not been into the still ace less thread in a bit...but have a feeling I will have several posts in there of close but no cigars again this year lol
  8. When I lived in San Diego I had 0 issues, it was a glorious time. I can already tell next week is going to be a bear. We have had a few days of rain, this weekend is 60s and rain, next week is 60s and sunny.....Things are goin to explode into bloom. @cnosil I was reading mushroom extracts helped and I actually started taking that for other purposes a few months ago....I am hoping it helps with the allergies as well. Time will tell here soon
  9. Started taking my Claritin yesterday....see how much it can knock symptoms down. First two months will have a handkerchief playing my rounds that's for sure.
  10. I had to do a double take on your location, the building on the right and that street looks like MEPS building in Boston
  11. Not many for me this is just irons and drivers: -don’t remember model but my first set was a set purchase when I was a kid of top flites -Cleveland 588MT’s -Callaway Xhot driver -titleist TS2 -taylormade P790s -cobra rad speed -cobra forged tecs
  12. congrats on the rep and posts you’ll be up to @Shankster in a jiffy! Glad you could find a spot that is healthier than the place Before, sounds like your one of us degenerates!
  13. I can’t count how many times we have re-watched that. Such a good one. My son enjoyed it and as did I. I still watch that 70s show lol
  14. Smart man right here! I know my wife doesn't love that I do a lot of planning for trips that involve golf. When it comes to vacations I don't do a ton of planning.....but she's so much better than it at me is what I say!
  15. Yea man its a tough one. Being open and honest. I have had conversations with my wife in the past that golf is the thing I need to be my best me (and her of course) but you have to have something....both of you need to have something that you enjoy doing without the other person, its important (IMO). I call it the "Like what you do without them, love what you do with them" mentality. That being said not everyone would be receptive to that. Prioritizing is important which sounds like you are doing (example I am not going to the spy meetup, as much as I want to there are other things with family taking precedence and in the end I will still play golf it just wont be with some of you folks here).
  16. Yea have had a ride on for 2 years....I'm already feening for a zero turn....Can cut the grass twice a week!
  17. Nice job On the weight loss Rick! Remember reading about each pound lost is like 6 pounds of pressure on the knee. Something like that anyway
  18. Wet and rainy morning. Have a feeling plants are going to be sprouting like wild fire after in the nest few weeks. Rain and then warm/sunny next 2 days. Sounds like I need to probabky start taking some Claritin Hoping to get a round in with an old colleague on Thursday we’ll see!
  19. I have not either. Ordered them the same day as Bryan and never received a motivation of shipment, received his already and nada here…..might be time for an email as well @Berg Ryman update I just did live chat with them. I order titleist and the guy said April 26th expected date for me
  20. There was a review a few years back on it. Good stuff:
  21. I love doing well on the weeks where a good payout is $800k.....Now can we do that on a big pay week? -Memo to myself.....
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