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  1. Big bens last game? Yea Definitly not going to be easy, and Tomlin is a hell of coach. Let TJ pin his ears back and see what happens!
  2. 27-3 sounds a lot like 28-3…..ya just never know! that pick was very tone setting for the game. Agholor catches that it’s a very very different atmosphere. It was an almost perfect balls. Another yard or 2 only NA could have caught it but it was still an incredible throw but an even better play by Hyde. I forget which announcer said it but he said something to the effect of “it didn’t win the game but it effectively dictated the tone” 110% I am still not rooting for the billsalthough I do think they are going, to we’ll rounded compared to the other AFC teams…..but I’ll leave my choice as ”who dey!?!?!”
  3. Oh for sure all his mechanical issues have been taken care of. They showed a picture I side by side from rookie year to this year and his whole delivery is different. That stuff has done a really good job
  4. Was a rough game to watch as a pats fan. Mac played really well. The picks were good plays by the defense. Hopefully he is the cornerstone we need…..on to 8 months of crappy sports talk radio Bills vs cardinals?
  5. Happy anniversary! Sounds like a good night! How did breakfast for dinner come out?!
  6. Mash up some potatoes and get it done! You won’t regret ir
  7. The best. Mashed potato middle, hash brown outside. It’s the Cadillac of potato’s
  8. Nothing wild just bacon and potato pancakes. when my wife does mashed potato’s during the week I like to do a breakfast with them and fry some super crispy on the outside with a little of the bacon grease. It’s delicious
  9. Happy birthday all! Enjoy the day!
  10. Tough situation but that’s great the company is taking care of you….as they should! I am no stranger to anything state/federal institutions. In all honesty they are all brutal. Hope it all works out for ya!
  11. Chemistry is a real thing and if people don’t have it, we’ll….they don’t have it. I have not watched the video yet but it sounds like I would probably think the same as you. ian and Matt discussions were effortless, to the point where it looked unedited. I sure hope it can get back to that over time
  12. (Not to hijacker’ this thread and turn it into a review on how to wipe you @$$ with cooshy trees) but I have truly found the 1 ply to be best the military has allowed me to save money on toiletries and spend it on overhyped golf equipment!
  13. Listen all I know is a finger can poke a hole in 1/3/5/18 ply TP. Just stick with the 1 ply!
  14. I believe last year they took a long break during the holidays? Not sure if that was Covid related or what but I don’t believe a new one was really up until products started to launch so right around now?
  15. I did for about 5 years. Was a blast for several years. Most of the group was 50+ and struggled to get younger. I played a lot of golf those years and that league really boosted my game, learned a lot from the guys there and made some really good friends. I ended up leaving because 1) the keague was not getting younger and was struggling to bring in more people. 2) Rule changes/league adjustments were rare, and it felt like the person running it blocked alot of that. Refardless it was alot of fun and I would love to join a league again down the road but I’ve been enjoying playing earlier rounds during the week before work so once the kids are older I’ll for sure join another.
  16. Happy birthday Hicksta! "Drink to the foam!", stay safe out there
  17. I definitely have enough of those good call! I don’t lose much either I could easily take a dozen from the buy 3 get 1 deals titleist does.
  18. @chisagto me has the best point (quite often I find this I might add) in the end it’s up to us as consumers to do our own due diligence. My wife and I had this same exact discussion last week (we were talking about at home Covid test kits).it doesn’t really matter what anyone says….MGS…..Tony……Harry……Rick or anyone. You can gather that information but in the end we as consumers need to make an informed decision, in this case what equipment is best for you. Shoutout to @bens197 for giving me a chuckle
  19. I don’t know if I can afford how many were on the ground there lol
  20. Welcome back! Don’t push it to hard!
  21. Oh I like this might have to get a bucket and do it. Anyone complain taking a section of the green?
  22. 13 yards?!? For your PW?!?! But seriously good thought. Not familiar with lee talking about this but did he talk about doing different yardages for different swings on there or just full swing?
  23. I mean I did say I’m compulsive it insinuates that ya just never know….
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