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  1. When grilling is an option.....always grill. Coffee dry rub not burnt
  2. Can’t bail til my son is 18ish. Soon enough
  3. Eventually I will be down there, living on a course and playing daily....that time is not now though....or in the next 10 years
  4. As he jabs the "playing all year down here is great".....
  5. Today was a weird swing oath day lol. Not my normal contact spot as of late. IM writing it off right now was just funny no matter what adjustment same contact spot
  6. Yea it’s tough here. Some winters are better than others (this year we are anticipating a real bad one we’ll see) but it’s typically atleast 4 months of indoor golf. courses on average are about 40-50 for 18 without a cart here so 35 is pretty reasonable
  7. I want Romeo Crennel to be successful so bad but Houston is struggling
  8. 36 here for an hour can easily get 18 in and range time.
  9. First simulator day of the season. Not done outside yet but needed to play. Was very bad lol. Started good and was happy with some of my driver numbers but on course was brutal. Out to in path and very fat iron play. Guess I’m not ready for the sim season! here is at the end of the round hitting the range. I mean consistent I guess?
  10. Idc if it’s hoody, long sleeve, collars just keep it a clean look. I personally couldn’t, I need non bulk in the course and the hood would throw me off. Love my rain jacket in the cool weather
  11. Winters are hit or miss here in MA. Last winter we played to December and without covid could have started end of March beginning of April probably. This year no doubt will be bad. for me simulator is right down the road. At the house I have a putting mat and newly discovered chipping foam balls to the stairs actually returns the ball right to me. Can do different trajectory’s and distance depends on which stair I’m going for.
  12. So did you get a round in or?
  13. The famous words have never rang more true. Putt for dough drive for show. The question is really relative to the person. Are you better at one or the other?? Me driving according to arccos is the best part of my game surprisingly. So for me like I have said before take my 3 putts away all day
  14. Couldn’t wait any more to try and swing the hzrdus green (for some reason lost my head took and had to go get @B.Bostonyesterday after work). was hoping to get out this weekend for possibly the last round of the season but everything was booked sollllllid so either a range day tomorrow or simulator we’ll see. just a handful of dry swings and crap balls launched jnto the woods. Taking it with a grain of salt but everything was relative center mass. One thing I realized I really have to swing this club with this shaft which I like. Going to be a lot of fun if I can get her going. Simil
  15. With the negative AOA were you hitting low on the face? I had the same issue I found out at my last fitting but had a balloon ball high off the face. Have since (I believe need to hit the fitter again and see) evened out my AOA I think but funny we had very opposite balls flights (was -5* AOA last November)
  16. Damn guy nice setup. When I can love getting a little customization on clubs well done
  17. sweet setup. Can’t battle a passed down club sometimes. My cousin still has a “ding a ling” putter in his bag. Plays it every round on the 18th. Was his fathers and before him his grandfather. If you have never heard of it check it out it’s pretty ridiculous . Definitely no Scotty!
  18. Anyone currently going to be comparing arccos stats if they have it currently?
  19. And around those areas on base dealerships know newer kids, just getting money are there. Credit is decent they’re going to get approved and rates are going to be jacked....but the kids don’t realize that if you get something realistic and save 400 bucks that 400 can go a long way if you get out. I actually sold my car before my first deployment didn’t buy another until I got out luckily deployed more than I was state side
  20. I think people as a whole struggle with setting goals. Short or long term. one of the most important skills I think I learned from military is that. I had a great chief that really hit that skill home for I think all of us in my division. Not only setting goals and achieving them but making sure those goals were realistic and a benefit to our overall being
  21. I’m just glad I was in the realm on my guess! Last year I couldn’t tell ya the difference between shafts or what they did!
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