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  1. Some of the best shots come through that small window lol
  2. I think it’s interesting because could a “spin club” be your specialty club? I had a Mizuno with a spinner shaft and I was getting 5 digit spin ratings (that’s not a typo) not that anyone needs that kind of spin but nonetheless a little extra zip never hurt and for those that need the control this could be a really good club
  3. I am just curious is it really going to increase spin and how much? Also if that is the case how effective is it in the wet conditions
  4. The black face looks like it would be a good offset just curious how the white next to a white ball would be. Mental things
  5. Not to get off track but have you been able to get out yet? I have not seen anything in howd you play unless I missed it. Either way good luck glad you’re healed up!
  6. How’s the white to you at address?
  7. Welcome to New England sun just popped out I’m about to go clear this thing now before it gets nasty out again lol
  8. well hope everyone is safe on the east coast during this storm. Going to have fun cleanup this weekend....2 trees down already and it just started . Bright side is I won’t have mich leaves to do this fall
  9. Everyone needs a little rooting once and a while! We are all cheerleaders in this thread
  10. Coming in with the peoples elbow with a jabroni line
  11. did you pull one of these since I was not there to say it?:
  12. 9 down gapping is crazy. wowwwwww....I currently have 6 between PW-52 and it isnt fun.....
  13. Oh it’s on like As much as I would like to cal out the young gun @GB13 let’s be honest he would whoop my ass (in golf). I am going to have to challenge @edingc your approach and chipping is stronger than mine so will be interesting!
  14. Has it been bad? I don’t hit 93 (unless I’m going to pga superstore). 495/95/90 have been clear luckily. Daughter ok?
  15. Its COVID season....there is no traffic right now. Have never played Shaker I am in, @B.Boston better get in on this. Thursday/Friday/Weekends are best for me (no COVID related stuff at work on Thursday/Friday easier to take a day)
  16. I am up for anywhere! Have not played red tail in several years. Just let me know and I can take a day if needed. (Cannot August 12-19)
  17. You probably have them already a look at @yungkory current closet:
  18. Neon moon is one of my favorite country songs all time, them boys can belt a tune. Seems like they can put on a show too
  19. Fantastic Bill. Thorough and love the spread sheet data. One thing I am curious about is did you feel like maybe your lag putting benefited from the AlignXL at all? I know multiple factors come into play speed, line etc. but curious if it seemed the overall line held up?
  20. FYI love the implementation of the visual of the tape measure
  21. Nike,/UA/IZOD so far are the best fitting for me. I usually use my "kohls cash" to get an IZOD shirt from there. Tends to be right around $20 so why not snag the work/golf shirt for free?! Kind of free.....
  22. Going off of Cody's review being irons. I am assuming maybe an irons only round this week? What is everyone's favorite/most dependable iron so far? Anything in Arccos stick out to you? Maybe alot of GIR's with a specific club?
  23. 9.3+70+114+5.1+24=222.4 I never was good at following directions in school so I am probably way off lol
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