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  1. I will start off with the nice part. Huge congrats and big accomplishment, well deserved after long days, nights and dedication. I would be remiss though if I didn’t take my shot here though….and my navy brothers wouldn’t let me live it down….what did you find hardest on the test? The color matching or counting 1-10?
  2. By my calculation for my 5.98 miles average speed is 1.42 MPH....Dang red lights.....
  3. Date 06/08/2023 Course Name Shining Rock Golf Course Gross Score 83 Course Handicap 7 Gross Strokes over/under par 11 Net Score to Par 4 Net Score 76 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 274 Scramble round, very happy with the score for my woes off the tee. Nothing to long drive wise. Course is wet no roll and never really got a hold of anything.
  4. Changed mine uo today. Felt clunky I had my putter in the bottom middle slot. Moved it to the top right. It feels much cleaner now. All 3 wedges bottom slot
  5. Look holistically at the round it was an absolute grind and for how bad I was off the tee it was an incredible score. 83 (+11) with 4 driving penalties. Two of them I made par which was just a tribute to my wedge and iron play. I had my fair share of good drives but when I was off (pulling left) they were gone. Putting was very strong until the last hike where I could have strung together my last 4 holes at par, par, birdie par but 3 putted for a bogey. All in all good solid round with my dad so ya can’t beat it. course had some brush fire recently from the dry spell we had. Needless to say we needed the rain
  6. So jealous of everyone going! Good luck all play well and have fun!
  7. Got 18 in today.. I am now tracking mileage on the nitron and today put 5.98 on her. Kind of cool to track got a few videos. One of the brake, which is probably my favorite feature right now. You can hear once you flip the handle when it locks it clicks. Thing is solid doesn’t move: Also I enjoy letting the cart just roll down hills I know it should be stable on. Rolls perfectly. The cart has a little give which makes rolling smooth. Sways left and right slightly (has bars at the base connection to the frame) which definitely helps stability down these hills
  8. Appreciate the sentiment and I know everyone understands ya cant just drop and go. I will be at the next one though (long as it does not fall on a weekend I have my son).
  9. Morning all! Cloudy weather still here, been well over a week of garbage weather. Little on the warmer side today so hopefully get something in this afternoon, play it by ear. Serious FOMO going on with everyone headed to the golf weekend today and tomorrow
  10. Disregard my statements previously about a grease port! I didn’t look at it much earlier during the round but it’s not a grease port (which I thought was odd) it is just a nut and round head for the adjustable handle! side note there are several slots around on the cart. So far I really like the phone holder (assuming that’s what this is) Any other testers know what this is for? Doesn’t seem like a closed umbrella holder
  11. I too have been pleasantly surprised with the cords and strapping system. Will cover a little bit later but my POV currently is very positive.
  12. Money always talks doesnt it? Tale as old as time, but I 100% am on this side with you, KETTLE BLACK is pet peeve.
  14. IF I were on the tour and from what it looks like they were completely in the dark, I would be EXTREMELY PISSED with the league right now after backing them throughout this whole thing. But I am not on tour sooooooo here we are.
  15. After the past week at work I need two days of golf!
  16. Its been an eerie few days around here hasn't it? Apocalyptic. Hopefully some good weather coming this weekend! Uneventful morning so far for me. Can tell my head has been in a fog. Let my daughter sleep in and brought her to my MIL, came to work and went to a meeting that isn't today but tomorrow.....is it time to go home yet?
  17. Nice catch man. also has anyone seen the grease fitting (that’s what it looks like anyway) opposite side of the handle to adjust the push handle? I noticed it last round will get a picture of it tomorrow and read into the manual.
  18. Mine is not pulling at this point just straight but I’ll take a look at this. Mine did come with an Allen as well
  19. Coming from you thats saying something!
  20. Well my play was pretty poor overall. Had a good stretch 11-16 but early on was overgripping for sure to compensate for the wet conditions. Stupid me forgot the umbrella for the one rainy round I will get out for lol. The good? Played with my son for his first 18 hole round Got out with @GolfSpy BOS and Jackson Got to swing those sweet Edel's My good holes Bryan was able to capture some good photos of my swing right now....and its good....when its good. My uncle even commented on it (scratch golfer and when he makes a comment its legit type person)
  21. Sounds like a morning Thursday or Friday round is in order for you!
  22. Morning all, WFH day today. Little one has been sick all weekend and I needed a catch up paperwork day so here we are. One resting watching cartoons the other putting together some delayed work over the past few weeks.
  23. Was a good morning! Little rainy on the course and didn’t play all that well but the kiddos enjoyed it and Matt had his 1st 18 hole round
  24. Coffee mug and smaller works. Highly recommend if you like that water bottle (looks similar to mine) just putting it in the underneath storage bag. It’s a lot roomier than I thought.
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