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  1. @SocalbonziThe EFW T100 is better than EFB IMO. I found the butt section in the EFB too soft and would loose where head & Face were in swing as my transition tends to get quick and I am a stronger "hitter" type of player.
  2. I have that issue with all the ping bags I have owned. but the ease of carry out weighs having that lone issue
  3. Got a new shaft coming for my Odyssey Dart looking for some tips to instal it and get the double bend lined up properly. Any advice is appreciated!
  4. Got fit for a TS3 13.5 3 wood with T1100 6.5 75G White last year with a trackman. Numbers were awesome. Feel of the shaft was great. Felt smooth in swing trasnistion and stout at impact. Didn't end up buys the club. Recently discovered a crack in my G400 LST at the hosel. Sent it back to ping and ping thankfully replaced it with a G410 LST but used a even flow black 6.5 75G. Hopping to get out soon to get some swings in and see how the club suits me nervous and excited at the same time.
  5. wowski_golf

    SIK putters

    I have been wanting to get one of these for almost 10 years. First introduced to them when a competitor in College had one and it looked so good. He was kind enough to let me roll some putts with it after the round. Solid fell but the DLT wasn't noticeable tech but I do remember liking how the tech didn't take over the look of the putter.
  6. I prefer Z-star have for 8 years now. I found wind performance better when I 1st switched. I have played both in the current generations and didn't see the dramatic difference I seen initially. There is a slight audible difference for me around the greens. I stick with Srixon based on price and familiarity.
  7. I have a 20* Adams Proto G hybrid and a Mizuno 18* cut muscle FliHi I switch between. Adams is typically high with draws bias for me. The FliHi is low with fade bias. Both are similar total distance. I switch between both depending on course and playing conditions.
  8. Iron play and ball striking have never been a concern of mine. I don't need to look at an iron that is larger to instal confidence. I Hit the ball high already and when I have tired some more GI Heads I noticed even higher flight. My goal when I do replace irons is to get something that keeps yardages and flight as close to the same and to address holes I feel are in that part of my game..
  9. I have played a 45" for a long while. Went to a 44.5" in Uni for a season when I Was having major tee ball errors. It helped me get my Confidence back and made me change focus to hitting fairways over hitting it past competitors. These days I have a Mini driver at 43.75" I put it in the bag for those 5-6 hole late night outings to keep my mind sharp off the tee box
  10. Adam Novakowski, Alberta 0 Mizuno T7 46,50,55,60 The true lost pitch ( like Steve Stricker)
  11. Looking for some input I am looking at purchasing a "new" Driver for myself I am looking at getting a previous year model. How would I go about cutting the shaft to a shorter playing length with maintaining the flex of the shaft? Thank-you in advance guys!
  12. Really enjoying my setup heading into the season. Just added the irons a couple weeks ago, enjoying the control and flight with the shaft head combo. I have been a Z-star user for 7 years but since the MyGolfSpy ball test I have to give some others a try again. Thank you for reading. Putter- Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 34" Driver- Ping G400 LST 10* -1* setting Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 76 gram Fairway- Ping G30 18* -1* setting Fujikura Fuel 70 X Hybrid- Adams A12 Proto G 20* Matrix Altus X Irons- 4-9 Iron JPX 919 Tour 2 up .5 Short Nippon Modus 3 120 X Wedges- 46* 50* 55* 60* Mizuno T7 Blue KBS C-Taper Lite SS .5 Short Grips- Golf Pride MCC Align 2 wraps Ball- Srixon Z-Star Glove- Foot Joy Pure Touch Limited M Bag- Jones Utility Rover
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