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  1. Steve Pikeville /Ky. prov1x I played top flight balls when i first started playing I guess I got caught up in thinking a more expensive ball would help me play better instead of more practice and better ball striking .
  2. Steve,Kentucky yes I have a Calloway Upro mx my upro or markers on the course
  3. Steve kentucky yardage sticks on the course play with a friend that uses a electronic yardage finder not sure of the brand but it is a big help makes club selection a lot easier.
  4. Steve Pikeville Ky. 80-85 Titelist Velocity No experience with Snell yet but have heard good things about the ball from friends.
  5. Steve Ky.2.hdcp22 swing speed 90 3.currently hitting a taylormade r15 4.would like to test a epic flash
  6. Steve -Kentucky-22 handicap swing speed 85-90 -currently hitting a Taylor Made R15 12 degree driver -Would love to try a G410 Plus.
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