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  1. I find the grip on my Nike Method 001 not completely to my liking - a bit too hard. In contrast, the grip on my Mizuno Bettinardi feels beautiful - soft & tacky. Suggestions for alternative grips for the Method? P.S. not looking for advice about jumbo grips.
  2. There's nothing wrong with that approach. Strong lofts are a trick carried out by the manufacturer on social golfers that don't assist in any meaningful way. It's meant to stroke the ego more than anything so that the dope at the end of the club thinks he's become Dustin Johnston all of a sudden.
  3. In answer to the O.P. Yes, I use them - on all irons. If I'm in a motorised cart, to avoid bag chatter damage, I replace after each shot. If I'm using a push buggy/trolley, I take all the iron covers off before the round & then replace them afterwards. I don't have any dramas with corrosion b/c I clean the clubs after each round. I have forged clubs, so the iron covers keep them in great shape. Oh, and I don't take any notice of derisive comments about iron cover users.
  4. I don't game them but it took a long time for Stewart Cink to stop playing them. I think Nike wrested them from his hands.
  5. This course has been voted one of the most beautiful in Australia and is starting to gain a mecca status amongst East coast golfers in Australia. I haven't played there yet but look forward to the day I when I do. The course winds its way through rainforest and the way the layout is designed, you hardly see another golfer during your round. This is a blurb from their website. The Par 72 championship course rises and dips through elegant strands of rainforest, each fairway isolated and private from the next. The great appeal lies in the fact that it will stimulate and challenge golfers of every standard. The only disturbance as you meander along in the whisper-quiet electric carts might be wildlife scuttling into the bushes or birds singing in the treetops. Look closely into those same treetops and you might spot a family of koalas feasting on the leaves of the Blackbutt, Ironbark and Tallowwood trees. Indeed Bonville is a natural sanctuary for a wide range of native species including the large black cockatoos, parakeets, water dragons and magnificent goannas. In the evening, swamp wallabies and small kangaroos graze on the light rough. Bonville Golf Resort - Golf
  6. FWIW, I have a pair of these Puma Cell Fusions and I can't recommend them enough. Comfortable, waterproof & with the smart quills they grip like velcro. They're the only golf shoe (other than Ecco) to have a gussetted tongue, which is good to stop cr*p from making its way into the shoe.
  7. Maybe Tiger missed the Nordegren family reunions. I wonder why?
  8. Thanks Manavs. Things in Aus are good. Btw. perhaps it's a rookie question but what is 'low intensity' cardio? I thought cardio was always some sort of hell for leather type exercise.
  9. Even though i understand it will be superseded, IMO the Nike VR split cavity will prove to be their stand out iron. Even some of the touring pros play it rather than the blade.
  10. G'day Manavs, good to see you here buddy. Was wondering. I've noticed some many golfers have a flabby belly; even the fit ones (and however so slightly). I'm not talking about a 'pot belly', just flabby. What would you recommend to keep stomach trim?
  11. Thanks Xam. The other place is getting the smell of death about it. Re loyalty - agree absolutely. IMO if Michelle Wie hadn't have come good when she did, Nike would've lost its patience with her. Heaven knows, they were patient.
  12. G'day Boz, good to see you around here. At some stage, I'm gonna have to get a couple of your balls to try also. Hope it's all going well.
  13. Hey Xamilo, good to see you here. Re Duval, it's a bit strange b/c Nike were supposed to have been so 'loyal' to him during his hard times.
  14. I'm looking forward to receiving the Nike Method 001 (hopefully) soon. Loved the performance of the demo model I borrowed. The Mizuno Bettinardi BC1 will be benched as soon as the Method arrives.
  15. I think on the whole most touring pros are playing the same balls that are available to us - just they usually have access to them before us. I went to the Australian Masters last year (yes, the last tourny played by Tiger before the marital blow up) and saw a Callaway rep handing out boxes of ix balls to pros on the putting green (even non-Callaway pros). Maybe a handful of pros might get a ball adjusted to their specs but I think this is a small minority.
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