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  1. I played a round with my buddies after work yesterday, and I had a lot of positives. I shot an 84 with 3 penalties, but my ball striking keeps improving, and this was the best my swing has felt since the changes. My driver and putter was on beast mode, and I had a personal best 8 one putts with a total of 29 putts. I need to play the par 5's better, and fewer drop shots. Also, I played the Pro V1x, and I was really fighting too much spin, so some really good iron shots came up short of green, but I have been trying the TP5x and really liked it. I also have a dozen Pro V1 Left Dot that I will try as well. I just need to use the V1x first. I will go to the range to see if I can keep building while it's hot. Score 84 FIR 50% GIR 17% Putts 29
  2. Yesterday’s round my putter was on fire!! I had my best putting round by far. 29 putts 8- 1 putts (PB) I had so much confidence yesterday, and my buddies keep joking about how is the Evnroll even legal. One negative, the head came loose during the round, I’m hoping it was just the screw on the bottom, I still need to check. I play a public course, so no one repairs ball marks, so I guess when I was tapping it down it came noticeably wobbly. I didn’t have my tool with me, but I will carry it going forward.
  3. That is so true, and I keep reminding myself that it will take time. That’s what I thought would be best too. Thank you
  4. I had such a rough round on Monday, I felt like I was fighting my swing the whole front 9. My driver was so straight, but I kept having the killer over the top creating my pulls, which is what I am working on in lessons with my pro. After hole 12 I just put the scorecard away, to just try to take some pressure off and just see if I could hit some good shots. Then on 13, I hit 6 iron to 2 feet and really thought I had my first hole in one, and from then on I started playing alot better. I do try to focus on the positives of the round, my ball striking is the best it has ever been, and I have hit some of the best shots of my life this last month when I get it right. I am scratching my head on whether I need another lesson this week, or just grind on the range on what I am needing to work on to get rid of the other the top pulls.
  5. I have used the adidas sleeves to prevent sun exposure. They were too tight for my arms, and I could never get comfortable. I may try Nike or SParms, I don't have huge arms, but it is to the point where I have been looking at long sleeve shirts.
  6. cjeffs12

    LEFT DOT!!

    I tee off at 2 on, and I just got the notification left dot was delivered at my house. I’ll put a sleeve into play for my round tomorrow.
  7. Had to hit off mats yesterday, so my main focus was alignment. I really need to hit more greens, and my misses are right or left, not so much distance related. I need to do this every time from now on, it really helped.
  8. So, I worked on my Wellstroke trainer, and my putting is good again. I got that feeling of "I can make it from anywhere" again.
  9. cjeffs12

    LEFT DOT!!

    Mine says it will be here Saturday, so I will have it for my holiday weekend rounds.
  10. cjeffs12

    LEFT DOT!!

    I was able to get a dozen as well!! Since I’ve switched to a fade, I have been losing distance with my irons especially.. I was going to try the left dash but didn’t need the height. I tried the pro V1x and liked it, but still had a lot of spin. So I’m hoping this is going to be really good. Excited for them to come in!
  11. I’m looking to add forgiveness to my set, not playing as often so it’s needed. The T200 are at the top of my list, the looks are an added bonus.
  12. Amazing video!! I now have a goal to achieve this level of quality. I am itching to go try the T200's now.
  13. Yes, there is the metal rod that runs through it, I do have a weight in the superstroke, but I will have to do the math to see if it is close. I do not think it is enough, but I will check, because I bought it for a different setup. Do you think if I add lead tape under the grip it would help, or would I need to get the bigger weight?
  14. I'm not sure, I did not check. I do not feel a massive difference, but I am horrible at feeling those things. I think I got very used to the feeling of my palm to target, and I may need to check my hand placement. I may see if my local store can check swing weight.
  15. So I switched grips, and I went back to the Superstroke Pistol GT 1.0. I am already missing the Gravity grip. I had a bad putting day this weekend, more down to misreading greens, and a ton of lip outs. I setup my normal 5 tees at 5 and 10 feet, and I was not any where near as good. I will get it some time and see if it continues, but if not next time I go back to Houston, I will switch back to the gravity grip.
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