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  1. So it’s been very cold (for my area in Texas) and wet, but I am very thankful I can still play golf. Saturday it rain so I didn’t play a full round, but Sunday played 18. My game is really starting to hit cruise control, even on less than ideal conditions I am easily breaking 80. Last week I had a ground breaking lesson about wedge control. I’ve been good from inside 60, but 85 to 100 is hot and cold. My pro had me hit PW to our green complex with flag at 85 yards. I hit 15 balls, never missed the green and most of them were inside ~15-20 feet. He then had me hit another set with my 56*, what I normally would hit, first one stuck to 3 feet, second to 20 feet, and the 3rd was 20 yards left. I immediately switched back to my PW, and it has been amazing on the course. It’s a low flighted spinny shot that has so much control, I have a lot of those shots a round, and it really boosted my GIR this weekend. I am ashamed I didn’t try this sooner, but it honestly feels like a cheat code.
  2. So after my hot weekend, I went to the range to refer my feels ingrained. I told my pro about my PB, and he was excited and wanted to see my swing. He saw a few and really like what he was seeing, but noticed how mechanical I was swinging. I told him I love how it feels, but I have to really focus to repeat it. He made one tweak, gave me a trigger and now it is even better than I have ever hit it. It feels so natural and effortless. He videotaped my swing and it doesn’t even look like me. I don’t think I’ve seen my own ball flight high piercing fade. I’m hoping to keep riding this high and hopeful to get some more buckets and maybe sneak in a 9 one day this week.
  3. The wedges and the second group 7 iron looking good!
  4. Shot the best round of my life so far today. I shot a 76, so close to achieving one of my goals for the year of breaking 75. My swing is feeling amazing, my pro had me feeling a caddy drag to start my takeaway, and it is really working wonders. I am trying to play a fade, and it’s not quite a fade, but it’s keeping it very straight or a slight draw. The ball striking has never been better, I am loving my irons! I have also made a huge equipment change, I’ve change to the Z Star, the Pro V1x was too much spin on my irons, and the Chrome Soft X LS caused to many fliers and I struggle around the greens with the LS. The Z Star give me the right amount of spin but plenty of control around the greens. I have been getting up and down a lot more. I have also stopped keeping track of my round on the grint app during play, and only using my score card. This way I am not seeing my score as I go, and only focusing on my shots. 6 of my last 7 rounds have been 80 or better, so I am loving where my game is trending. SCORE: 76 FIR: 7/14 GIR: 11/18 PUTTS: 32
  5. Spent the day grinding on the little details at address. I shot 79 this weekend and only hit 4 GIR. I have been striking the ball well, so on the range my pro noticed my ball position had crept too far forward. So getting all clubs back to a more neutral position, and weakening my lower hand really helped straighten out my shots. It took a couple shots to get used to it, but I really have to focus on it for the time being.
  6. How do you like having a 7w? I’ve been so curious about one.
  7. So @crbishop entered a 2 man 36 hole event this weekend, and we came out victorious!!! Saturday was a scramble, and Sunday was a Chapman. Saturday we played fairly well, my swing felt good. We stayed fairly consistent. I could not lag putt to save my life, but Connor came in clutch with the lag putting. I had maybe the best putting of my life inside of 6 feet, I have never made so many putts. We had a 2 stroke lead after the Scramble on Saturday. I did not think I would have the nerves that I had on Sunday. My swing struggled under pressure, and the group that was 2 back was pair with us again on Sunday. They were a great group to play with, and they tied it up with 4 to play. It stayed that way until 18, we applied the pressure with a clutch par on 17 when Connor hit an impossible shot off the lip of a fairway bunker. It lead to them hitting really bad tee shots, then we stepped up and bombed drives that gave us wedges into the green. We made par and they doubled. It was a great learning moment for me, I can see how outcome thinking leads to poor outcomes. Once we lost the lead we got back into our thoughts of hitting our targets and the swing loosened up for me at that point. First victory for me, it was really cool to experience.
  8. Honestly, this is very much what I was feeling with the before, and the same with my downswing improvements. Right now, I am at the good being high towering straight or just falling to the right. I’m not quite to the draw stage, but I feel in time I will get there, but for the moment I’m still in astonishment of where I’ve gotten to. I’m still feeling that “good” hurt.
  9. Thank you, it’s been a lot of work. My back is feeling it today lol
  10. Milestone moment!!! I have been working on getting to this position at the top for so long. I started with very little chest turn and low and inside takeaway. Now I have it more on plane with higher hands and my back to target. I still have a lot more work to be able to do it on repeat. I still am working on the timing and the downswing, but if I can keep doing this the downswing will come. Irons and wedges were great today, but this is what I am so proud to share.
  11. CJEFFS12 Review of Craftsman Golf Headcovers I would like to thank Craftsman Golf for sending me the full set of metal wood headcovers, and I also have a blade putter cover that I will include in this review. I really like collecting headcovers, and I was already familiar with them, so when they reached out to test these and leave a review it was a no brainer. I will be reviewing the Blue White Leather with Red Stripes Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid headcovers, and the Black leather Lucky Clover Putter Cover. Here is the link for these headcovers: https://craftsmangolf.com/collections/wood-headcover/products/blue-white-leather-with-red-stripes-golf-head-covers?variant=32889085100141 First Impression (4/ 5 Stars) Upon opening the box of goodies, the first thing I notice is how big they look. Which I will come back to when I get into the on-course testing. In hand these headcovers feel as good as any leather headcover I have felt, and the stitching and lettering is top notch. The lining inside is very soft, and just by how good the leather and stitching is, I would not have guessed these are about 25 Dollars apiece. As far as my blade headcover, it was the same thought, it looks big. Same great leather, and I like the unique clover with the US Flag. I have put other headcovers to show size comparison. Aesthetics (5/5 Stars) Craftsman have quite a few designs of all varieties, but I love the Stars n’ Stripes, and the company logo on the back really pops on the solid white leather. These really have good bag appeal. I know I sound like a broken record, but I really like the leather of the headcovers. On the Course (5/5 Stars) I said earlier that I would bring up the size of the headcovers later… Well, here it is, they are bigger and wider especially at the opening than other headcovers, and on the course is where it made a difference. I like to play fast and being wider at the opening it is much easier to slide on and off. Others I have used before I have to set the end of the shaft on the ground and really struggle to get it on, but these I do not have to force at all. This cuts down a little time, and I never feel like anyone must wait the few seconds for me to get the headcover on or off. I know it does not sound like a lot of time, but when I play in tournaments when I could get penalized for slow play this makes me feel better. The blade headcover is one of my favorite headcover, because of the one-of-a-kind design, the great leather, and the magnet that keeps it closed. I have lost many of OEM headcovers due to weak Velcro, or a weak or small magnet. The Good, Bad, and In Between (4/ 5 Stars) The Bad: The only bad I can see is the limited selection when it comes to designs. Mostly this comes from me currently using a mallet, and I really want the USA Clover headcover for the mallet. The In Between: My worry is with the slightly bigger size is that over time it will fall off. The website says this will not happen, but that will be something time will tell. The Good: Obviously, the leather and the excellent price are my leading good points. Also, the benefit of helping pace of play is huge! In Conclusion (TLDR) The Craftsman Golf Headcovers have a great leather with unique designs at a great price. The bigger size for the metal headcovers helps keep the pace of play due to the ease of taking on and off. With the blade putter cover the magnet is amazing. Final Score: 18/20
  12. It is what we always chase, and it’s a beautiful thing when it happens.
  13. Made it to the range this afternoon, and the pro came by to take a look, and in three swings I was cured lol. I’ve been working on not taking the club inside, and trying to hit a fade. So I was taking it outside, and getting disconnected. I am keeping the left arm on my chest and up as I go around, and baby fades on lock. Felt so good to stripe it again. Looking forward to playing this weekend, gotta get ready for a tournament next weekend.
  14. I have had the Max on for a couple weeks, and it has really helped. I’ve been working on not being so wristy, and I can really feel the difference. Confidence is way up.
  15. Rough practice after not touching a club for over a week. My irons were trash, for me. I’m really struggling to properly rotate through the ball which is leading to an ugly pull, and even uglier way left of target divots. I had a green at 130 yards, and hit about 40 balls and only half hit the green. Bad for me, I’ve been way above that for over a month, but I’m gonna chalk this up as rust. But any advice on better rotation through the ball is greatly appreciated. Putting on the other had was hot. Worked on distance control, and I was much improved. I put on a new grip and cut the putter down a half inch. It got my eye more over the ball and I could see the line much better.
  16. Yeah I really like the feedback from a firmer ball, which is why I’ve tended to stay away from the V1. I am disappointed with the lack enthusiasm of the BX, but I tried last years model and was the same way sadly, so I don’t think I’ll waste the money. I’ve played two rounds since switching back into the regular V1x, and I am missing the performance from the XLS. I have two dozens left, and will see if a little more work around the greens will get me better with them. Just may have to play later in the day to avoid flier lol
  17. This season I have went down the rabbit hole of chasing distance, so I wanted to give two models a try. I tried both the Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash, and the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS, and I compared them to my long time gamer the Titleist Pro V1x. My clubs are fitted using the Pro V1x, and I wanted to try these due to swing changes adding spin to my shots. Let me start off by saying both the Left Dash and X LS are beasts! I wouldn't say they are crazy low spin, but lower spin than the V1x with similar height. I love the distance I was getting off the tee, I was able to hit fades without much distance loss, I thought I was playing "power fades", and my draws would go for days. I noticed I was at least one club longer with my irons, and even with wedges they were just one hop and stop. Whereas, with the V1x I spin it back sometimes even with my 9 iron and down. On my "ON" days I love these balls, but I tend to play early in the morning and I would get a lot of fliers with the morning dew. This is the main reason I have gone back to the V1x. Another area I struggled with the LS models, is around the green, I had to have a clean lie and no moisture to get the balls to check up. If I was in the rough or in the dew they would really run out, but with the V1x I could still get them to stop. It was a really eye opening test to see the differences, and I do think I need to try a more mid spin golf ball like a V1 or maybe a TOUR BX, because I learned I do not want to sacrifice the greenside spin for distance.
  18. It has a two weight heel and toe setup. I have the heavier weight on the toe side. I’ve tried adding lead tape, but it messes with the sw and it’s always falling off. I looked at the hosel adjustment chart, it’s kind of confusing but I am going to try opening the face and make it flatter. Maybe that will help
  19. I started my practice with pitch shots, really trying to dial my 40-75 yard shots with either my 60/56. Then moved into my pitching wedge and hit about 30 shots to a 130 yard pin/ green complex. I was working on my fades and draws, then some partial shots, I even got the pole a couple times. My irons and wedges have never been as good, and with hitting 14 greens yesterday it is really starting to show. Then I moved to my driver, and I’m really trying to hit fades, I didn’t hit many fairways because I wanted to play a fade, but like yesterday it just stayed straight or fell to the left. I can get it to move 15 yards to the right but I don’t like it, or I hit it out of the heel and I don’t like the distance loss or shape of either of those options. So I stopped fighting it and just hit high draws, I don’t think with my current driver setup I can hit a rotated strong fade. I know it sounds ridiculous that I’m disappointed with a high draw, but I don’t like the big miss with draw. For now I’ll take what I have and keep working. Then I finished up with some much needed putting. I worked on my lag putting and 3 and 6 foot putts.
  20. I had a heck of a round going today until @crbishop reminded me that I was 1 over thru 8 lol (my excuse ). I have really been grinding on my driver and 150 and in clubs on the range the last few weeks, and today it really clicked. I hit 14/18 greens in reg!!! That is my lifetime best!! My driving stats don’t look good but they were smashed and just in the fringe or barely in the rough. My putter was just ice cold, I burned the edge what seemed like 6 times for what could have been birdies. I think with some more work I’ll have some more confidence in my driver, it feels so good but just can’t get it to fade. I know this week I’ll continue my driver and 150 and in practice, but now I don’t need as much, and I’ll be doing a lot of lag putting and some more chipping. Also, I played the last 4 holes with the Pro V1x. I have started to notice with the dew I have been getting more fliers with the Chrome Soft X LS, and just struggling getting it to check on the greens when there is any moisture. Very pleased and optimistic about my next round. Score 78 Fir 4/14 GIR 14/18 PUTTS 36
  21. It has been raining for what seems like weeks, which is what we needed. So first range session in awhile. Really working on getting more rotation through the ball. Only worked on pitching wedge and down, really trying to focus on making that part of my game better. Slowing my tempo down really helped me get my club in a better position on the downswing, and it helps me get my left knee and forward move to start my down swing. Slowly making progress, hopefully I will be able to get some more swings tomorrow.
  22. Had a breakthrough round today! The first day back from a week long cruise through the Caribbean, so I had no expectations after not touching a club for over a week. I shot my best score of 77, not my best swing but I was able to stay in play and get up and down. I didn’t even realize where I was score wise until 18 tee, but just focused on fairway and green like I was for the day. Looking forward to see where this can lead. Score: 77 FIR: 8/14 GIR: 10/18 PUTTS: 33
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