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  1. This is why I appreciate Snell so much, he is really concerned with his customers and keeping the value. I reloaded during the holiday pricing, when you buy 2+ dozen get them at 28.99/dz!! I really excited to see the proto balls, otherwise I would have bought more. After the test run by MGS, seeing the quality be as high as the big companies, it is a no brainer for me to game Snell.
  2. Excited to follow this one, my golf pro shop just got them in not too long ago and they look great. I am looking to add the 60 and Cleveland Zipcore could fill that spot nicely.
  3. So, this year I did not follow my Superspeed training like I did last year. Early in the year I was averaging 285 off the tee. But recently I had seen a drop in my distance, my last three rounds were around 265. I started training again for a week, and when I played 9 yesterday I averaged 288. I used my driver 6 times and 4 were over 300! I am kicking myself for stopping, and I realize that I am going to have to push myself past that plateau. So hopefully I can add some more positive post like this more.
  4. Well I played my last align golf ball this weekend, and I really got used to seeing the thick line and not the marker splatter. Once I decide which ball I really want to commit to, I think I will be making another purchase on golfballs.com. Anyone else still gaming them?
  5. Also if you use code PRINTED you get free personalized on all but Titleist where it’s 1 dollar, through 8/31.
  6. I was trending downward, but I had been hanging around 8 for the last 4 months. I wouldn't say the alignment is game changing, but a blend of the line and a lot of practice at 10 feet and under has made a huge difference. I just was very surprised when I saw it had dropped because I did not feel like I have done anything to really improve it, but I'll take it.
  7. I enjoyed this testing period with all of you guys. I did my weekly enter of my scores for my handicap, and I was very surprised to see my score had dropped from an 8 to a 6.6. Lowest I have ever been, and even with no practice range I am so close to my goal of getting to 5. I think it has alot to do to using this alignment aid, and all the hours on the practice green. Ill say this was a very good opportunity for me.
  8. How did you add the video? I have one I would like to add
  9. What distances were you using? I was thinking 6 and 10 feet, and maybe 15, but my distance off my be too embarrassing for that one lol
  10. I have started my draft for the final review, and trying to make it look nice. I am planning on having it ready by Friday. I still want a couple more days on the practice green, and one more round. Also, tonight or tomorrow I am going to use the laser to check my alignments with each individual alignment, and measure it by ruler to see how far off I may be. If some others want to try this too, so we can compare and see if it really is working as well as I am seeing on the greens.
  11. Played a match play against my friend yesterday for nine holes and was just lights out from inside 10 feet. Our greens are still rolling really fast from the tournament and it was so good to pick my line and give it a good roll. I didn’t miss one from inside 5 feet.
  12. I have got some where it will flash the same number as the swing before, like it did not pick up the swing. Other than that when I use the red club its speed is much like my driver speed when I hit on a monitor. I only use it to track my superspeed swings, so that I know I am getting faster or not. For example, my 125 on this is 125, it may not be on a different LM, but as long as this is the one I am always using the next time I swing I am trying for 126. When I purchased it, it was 30 dollars on amazon, and it has worked for me, just by trying to swing faster than my last swing or last sessi
  13. Got my set back out for the first time in about 6 months. I am wanting to get back into it, and they recommend I pickup where I left off and add week. Also, has anyone tried the counterbalanced one as a stand alone trainer?
  14. Here are some numbers I got from the putting green this morning before the hurricane hit. I have realized on the course, how good the Align XL really helps me on putts of distances over 3 feet. Something about the longer more defined line helps me aim better. In my round the other day I had 3 greens I one putted, each over 15 feet. Also, with all this time on the putting green and chipping area, I have learned I may need to switch to the Tour B XS for more spin, and I need to practice more short putts.
  15. Did some durability testing this morning. I hit 10 shots with a marker line, Align XL that I played 18 with the previous day, and Triple Track. I hit high, and low shots mixed distances between 30-50 yards. These were the results of hitting the lines as best I could both parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the ground to get a good idea of what it would be like on the course. The Sharpie really splattered out, which I will use to putt with later against the same balls to see if there is any drop off in performance. The Align had some chips, but nothing that will affect using
  16. I haven’t noticed, but I’ll take a closer look this afternoon when I go play.
  17. As a reference for the above post, I typically hit around 45% of fairways. I’m a very visual person, so for me it really helped my confidence playing the first 9 using it to aim.
  18. I played a small 9 hole course the other day, and the first time around I used the align XL as an aiming point and hit 71% of the fairways. On the back I did not and hit 0% of the fairways, but for the most part they were not terribly off line. Below are the tracking information from Arccos. Don’t judge the standard deviation, it was not a driver course, and I did have a cold top that went 60 yards
  19. Sorry for not posting as much, I have been planning my proposal to my girlfriend, so it has mostly been indoor testing. I am keeping track, and will have many hours of outdoor testing planned for this weekend. As for what I’ve seen, for 3 and 6 footers numbers are close for no line and using the Align XL, but I do have more perfect putts so far with the Align XL.
  20. I am curious as to how it will do lining up the breaking putts, and if I’m going to have a learning curve on those as well.
  21. I haven’t got out on the greens yet, I have a tee time tomorrow and plan on getting on the practice green before my round.
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