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  1. I will be sure to post my results after each level on that, thank you for thread
  2. I plan on doing a more in depth review of each stage that will include before and after of club head speed, ball speed, and swings with the sticks as well. As I stated this is a very early stage, just competed week 2, and I just got home from the range I am so excited I wanted to share. My end goal is to get my swing speed to 115, and a ball speed of 170. I have been keeping deligent charts, my starting averages are 105 SS and 155 BS. Today, two weeks in, I had multiple swings with a swing speed over 110 and ball speeds over 165!! I am using range balls reading off my Swing Caddie SC200. Very happy with this product so far, and even more motivated to work even harder to see how I can gain even more.
  3. It would depend on your financial situation, but I can say I am really seeing strokes off my game just by getting a putter that was suited for my stroke. For me it was worth it.
  4. One of the things I enjoy about this site is how much helpful information is given to us, and after having so much success from the putter fitting and golf ball change that I would not have done if it was not for this site, I wanted to try the gravity grip for my putter. I rely heavily on my putting to save me at times, and distance control got a lot better after my putter fitting, but one thing I still needed so work on was face control. Due to flooding where I live, it has forced me to work on things indoors, and one thing I will work on is putting about 100 putts a night on a 4 foot metal ruler, and before the grip I would make it all the way across about 60% of the time. Now with the Gravity Grip, I get it across a little more than 75% of the time, I can notice a huge difference in feel of the face. It took awhile to adjust to the size and shape of the grip itself, and about 30 putts to readjust my grip, but once I got it comfortable it felt perfect. In my opinion, it was well worth the money, and excited to see what it will do on the course. Now I just need the weather to cooperate and I can put it in action.
  5. Corbin Texas 12/108 Titleist ProV1x I have not played Srixon yet.
  6. After hearing all the benefits of getting a putter fitting, I decided to give it a try. I was pretty anxious and honestly quite nervous when they were setting up the SAM put lab equipment. I really thought they would say I was too inconsistent and just tell me go with whatever. I do not have the greatest stroke, or so I thought going into the fitting. I like the look and feel of bladed style putters, but I promised myself to refrain from feelings, and stay open minded and go with the best putter for me. The first step of the process was selecting a few putters that I wanted to give a try. I selected a few based on looks and what I heard from here that did pretty well in testing. If anything this was more to calm my nerves, because the ones I liked were not suited to my stroke at all. Now I see why getting fitted is so important. I hit a lot of putts with many different brands and styles, but the ones I moved to actually test were the EVNROLL ER2, , and Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5. I chose because when hitting these two had the best results, and best alignment for me. For reference, the putter I had in play before was a Scotty Cameron Futura 6M stock. Now that I had the putters selected it was time to test, and this is where I really started getting amazed. I could see my path for the first time on a monitor, and man was I wrong about my arc. I thought I had a pretty strong arc, but I was more straight to slight. I also had a slower speed, so quickly I was suggested against the blade putter. I moved over to the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5, and my efficiency went up 20%. I also, was able to deliver the face more square at impact better, and alignment went up to over 96% with the Phantom X 7.5. So, after about 4-5 rounds of putting 7 balls at a ten foot distance, and in between the system was calculating the putter at different lies and lofts to give me the best results. At the end it suggested the best setup, even with the grip I should use, which again I had been using the wrong grip ( going by the system). I have for years used an oversized grip, thinking that it gave me the better outcomes, but it suggested a stander grip for more consistent rotation and feel. After waiting for the putter to deliver, all that was left to do was to take it to the course and see what it could do. On the practice green I could tell right a way a better roll, and distance control. Through 18 holes, as a mid handicapped, I really put this putter to the test. I had long ones, medium, and lots of 3 footers and less. The biggest take a way is how close I was leaving the putts, I had left all but three inside of 3 feet (measured with the putter). I didn't do anything noticeably different putting wise, but my speed control was the best I have ever had! I will have to change my putting practice to include more 3 footers. I previously left putts about 5-8 feet range, so that is where I really focused on in practice. I am happy to say that I averaged 2.1 putts per hole, and I know that isn't the best, but for me that is a huge improvement. In conclusion, I do not want you to take this as a putter review, but as a fitting review. As I referenced earlier I had a stock 35" Scotty Cameron Futura 6M, and I improved tremendously due to the fitting process. I am much more confident standing over putts, and see true rolls. It may have been round but I am confident that with more practice with this putter I will finally get below 2 putts a hole, and maybe even go a round without a dreaded 3 putt. Thanks for the read. So, after one month I am very happy to report my results I am seeing on the course after my fitting. As I stated before I was averaging 2.1 strokes per hole, and now I am averaging 1.9, and my best so far is 1.7. I have added the gravity grip, and it has also added confidence to my putting. The distance control has improved tremendously and a huge reason as to why my putts per hole have dropped. This has also led my handicap lowering by 1 just in one month. I think it was Jordan Speith that said," when the putter feels good, it frees up the rest of the game." I agree 100 percent, I feel so much about my game. This fitting has turned a weakness into my strength. If you are on the fence about a fitting, I hope this will encourage you to want to get this done, in my opinion this was well worth it.
  7. Corbin-Texas scotty Cameron phantom x 7.5 right handed I would like to compare it to my current custom fit putter, and really see how it stacks up and if it helps my game.
  8. Corbin Bryan, Texas 108 SS/ 10 HCP MIZUNO ST180 14* TITLEIST AP2 21* Right handed
  9. Corbin Texas Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 I have my good and bad days, but overall putting is my strength.
  10. It may just be my range balls, distance from device, or setup(aim) when I move to driver and fairway. My ss is not near120. I have tried moving it since this post, and it has helped, but i still get that random few that just gives me dashes. But for the price I can’t complain. If you have any advice I do appreciate it.
  11. I bought the swing caddie a year ago with hopes of getting my yardages dialed in for the new season. I did some research, and figured for the price I would give this a try. Unboxing: it came in a nice, sturdy box. The directions were simple to understand and very easy to setup. I did not take me long to input the lofts for all my clubs. Pros: I really like the fact I could adjust the lofts for each club. It came in handy as I have changed clubs, and sometimes when my friends want to give it a try! It does take in account for the elements, I don’t have any other monitors to test it for accuracy, but I have noticed it does change my distances do change accordingly. Yardages seem accurate enough for a casual golfer as myself. When I go out on the course, my good strikes do seem to match with what I get from the monitor, and has led to more GIR, better proximity, and lower scores. Cons: Depending on your ball speed with fairways and driver, it struggles with ball speeds over 150mph. Likewise, if clubhead speed is too fast it has trouble reading it. Still, it will pick up most of the shots, and for myself all I’m really looking to get out is carry, trying to work on building a consistent swing, and maybe a little ego. When I work with my wedges and pitch shots, if I add loft it does not pick it up and adjust. I do check with these shots because they are close enough to check with rangefinder. Overall experience: In my opinion, it was well worth the price. I love that I can adjust lofts, and it may not read every stroke perfectly, but other than driver 75% seem to match with eye test. It has taken out more guess work on the course, and better scores makes me happy.
  12. Corbin- Bryan, TX 9 HCP/ 108 ss PXG 0811X with Project X hzdrus yellow stiff Epic Flash
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