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  1. I winter in Phoenix Arizona and summer in Chestermere Alberta, Canada, playing about 110 rounds per year. I walk most rounds but with my 67th birthday coming in June I need to lighten the effort of pushing my cart. I’m considering ordering a Alpharetta e-Wheels V2. I’d like the opportunity to test the Motocaddy as a more complete option. I drive back to Alberta at end of April and am ready and willing to give the Motocaddy a full test in both golf environments - the Arizona desert and the Alberta foothills. So I have to ask you, who could give this cart a more full and complete test, especially from the Boomer this product is surely aimed at?
  2. I'm up for the Epic Flash testing. I am a Left Handed 13 Handicap. I live winters in Arizona and summers in Alberta, and play 11 months of the year, averaging 95 rounds per year. Driver swing speed is 88 mph. I regularly play with three drivers: Rogue 10.5 - 2018 XR 9.0 - 2015 V-Series 10.5 - 2014 I hope my profile fits what you need. Garth
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