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  1. I have played the #7 in the past. I would like to give it another shot to see what changes/enhancements have been made. Anything to help on the green would be welcomed.
  2. I currently play Titleist and this would be an interesting test on how two balls react differently.
  3. I would love to try either the ER5v or ER11v. I like both styles. A friend has been rolling Evnroll for a while and he is a great putter. Would be nice to see if something like this would help me be more consistent.
  4. I am currently playing the Epic Sub Zero and was looking at the newer technology on these new Callaway drivers. I would love to test the Epic Max LS to see how this compares to what I am currently gaming.
  5. Mark Santa Maria, CA 9 HDCP rsi2 T100S I have been playing the rsi 2 irons for a while now and would love to see what the new Titleist iron have to offer.
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