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  1. Stuart, San Diego Ipad and Iphone 12 pro Both, outdoor range sessions and at home indoors during the workweek. Net indoors and no net outdoors at the range.
  2. Stuart San Diego, California Taylormade M5 8.5 118 average can turn it up to 122 Tsi2
  3. Stuart San Diego, California Taylormade M5 9 deg 118mph
  4. I've played the AVX and tested many other balls such as the chrome soft, chromsoft x, snell, srixon, etc. all on launch monitors and still saw high amounts of spin. At this point the ball is the least of my worries as manufactures are so good now-a-days that they all practically perform the same. Specifically with the 2020 AVX ball that came out in october, I was spinning them lower by a fraction at around 8200 without reducing launch angle. But when it came to hit my woods and driver it was a different story where i couldn't get enough spin to keep the ball in the air. Spinning around 1700 wi
  5. Thanks to everyone for your comments and replies. I appreciate you all for your input. I've decided that before I commit to changing shafts, I'm going to work on my swing and play around with some lead tape. Im going to see if I can shallow out my attack angle and reduce dynamic loft. As for the lead tape, I'm just going to temporarily attach them to the head using some tape and see how it works. It won't be anything too crazy because I love they way they feel. Probably somewhere in the range of 2-5 grams per head higher up towards the top line.
  6. I would be interested in switching shafts if I knew which one would be the perfect fit. I love a stout feeling shaft that doesn't flex on my down swing. As for strengthening the lofts, I play my lofts a degree stronger at: 4i-23*, 5i-27*, 6i-30*, 7i-34*, 8i-38*, 9i-42*, PW-46* If I were to go stronger I would have a very large gap between my Pw(46*) and Gw(52*)
  7. Yes is did, I had the lofts and lie to match the cobra specs. I did do a fitting with a Taylormade rep comparing my old irons to the P7TW before I ordered them. The thing with the fitting is that at the fitting, the demo iron was bonded to a tour issue X100 shaft. So I was unable to try the head on my shaft. With the X100 I was getting the ~8500 rpm and med/high launch so he recommended that I order the irons in my current shaft and that the differences between the X100 and 6.5 would lower the spin and launch. So now after playing them for about a year, I think i might try and go wit
  8. 8 hdc and trending down! San Diego, California Golf instagram @fullsendglf Minimun 16 rounds in an 8 week span. Max around 22 Current OEMs in your bag:Taylormade (M5 driver, M5 tour 3-wood, GaparLo, P7TW, HiToe 60*, Spider X putter, TP5X ball) Titleist (vokey wedges 52 and 56, ProV1X ball) and Cobra (king cobra ProMb 08') on occasion. I like to flip flop between the P7TW and the 08' King Cobra ProMB irons. They both feel amazing but I just can't manage to let go of the old faithful. The dream set up: (spent all day dreaming about this set up) KING SPEEDZONE DRIVE
  9. Hello all, I was hoping to get some help from other members who are more knowledgeable than I am about this stuff. I recently switch irons about a year ago from an old set of King Cobra pro MB 08' irons with project X 6.5 shafts. I played them for a long time. I upgraded to P7TW irons with the same project X 6.5 shafts. I had the lofts measured and they were exactly the same specs but after playing with these clubs for so long, I have found them to fly shorter than my previous irons by about 5-10 yards. I went to a GC Quad range to compare them and saw that the P7TW was launching higher by abo
  10. So from my understanding is that the P7TWs all come from the same molds. After being forged, TM will separate the heads into TW specs and Stock specs. After separation, the lofts will be bent and the soles will be mill ground to have the same amount of bounce.
  11. Play as much golf as I can! And hopefully score a round under par and/or go bogey free through 9 and 18
  12. Stuart, San Diego, CA Don't have a legitimate handicap but regularly shoot in the high 70's to low 80's Taylormade P7TW. One of the best irons I've played but they spin the ball too much and launch too high for me at the moment. I would like the Icon bladed set please.
  13. Great name Also I love Arizona! I have so buddies that moved out to tempe and phoenix and plan to move there in the future.
  14. Since my baseball career ended prematurely in college(2015). I typically shoot in the high 70's to low 80's. I love the mental game and the fact that it is an individual sport that all results are based on my input. I saw some giveaways that attracted me, but stayed for the knowledge that it contains. San Diego, CA. I play regularly at Torrey Pines but have a rotation of courses. Summer Drought!! So many courses are closing or being poorly maintained due to the inability and high cost of water. Future doctor
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