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  1. Ryan / Los Angeles iPad Pro Gen 4 Primarily Testing Outdoors Primarily using a net
  2. Ryan - Los Angeles, CA I live in California so I can practice through the winter at courses (we’ll see if putting greens are still closed this winter) I have a putout mat at the moment. It’s ok to me and it seems to help me understand my pace better. It has good markings on it that help me to see if I held my line. Not sure how the speed translates to a real green. Haven’t used other putting mats. I’d like to test the Slow speed since I mainly play on public municipal courses. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Quick update on my purchase. I decided to spend less money and go with the faster option by purchasing the box set. I purchased the Wilson Profile Teen set. Length-wise, these clubs are perfect for my height. They sit nicely at address, and I think the lie angle is actually perfect for me. I produce some pretty straight shots with them. Not sure if it's a change in my technique or anything like that. I have a feeling that my irons back home might be a degree or two flatter than these as I tend to produce a more noticeable fade with my Callaway Rogues. I have to say, I'm pretty confident w
  4. Great info. Appreicate the feedback. In more normal set I use a regular flex, but I got fitted for my clubs in late 2018 just as I was getting into the game. I was between regular and stiff and my fitter recommended sticking with regular. I'm going to look at the options at that golfworks site. Thanks! My main concern with the box set is durability. I don't want anything snapping on me mid swing and potentially injuring someone. Or breaking if I somehow hit the ground with the driver lol. I've seen a couple of videos of clubheads coming off at impact from a shank, but I don't know if thos
  5. Hi everyone! I’m in Canada right now during all of this coronavirus madness, but I’m itching to get out on the course. My clubs are in LA, so I’m looking to buy a package set rather than getting fit for a whole new set. I was debating between the Wilson Profile SGI Teen vs the Wilson Profile SGI men’s sets. I’m only looking at the teen because I’m fairy short, but worried about how it handles faster swing speeds. I’m no tony finau, but my driver swing speed can push 105, so I just want to make sure these won’t break on me. Anyone have experience with either?
  6. Ryan/California 25.2 Callaway Rogue 140 yd
  7. I don't know if there's already a forum for this, but I've found a couple of great deals for Amazon's Prime Day specials. I picked up the Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag which was the runner up in this year's best cart bag buyer's guide for 30% off (not sure if it's still available). It's funny that I picked it up for a lot cheaper than the choice for Best Value cart bag (although I really wanted that one because I thought it looked nicer). I also bought MGS's choice for best spikeless shoe and the Puma runner up to compare - both for 30% off. The Puma runner-up this year was last year's choice for
  8. I’ll give that a try. Just put a thin layer of water on the face before each hit? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. So... I did a bit of practice in my backyard hitting my driver and seven iron into my golf net. I sprayed Dr. Scholl's on the club faces to get some strike location feedback. It appears that I let my practice session run a bit too long as there is some spray caked on to the toe area of my driver (where I tend not to hit), and high on the iron face and in the toe (again, where I tend not to hit). I usually wipe the faces with a wet towel when I change clubs at the range, but I just did a cursory wipe when changing clubs this time. This didn't happen to me the first five or six times I used the
  10. Ryan / CA 25 Never used a putting training device before
  11. Ryan/Los Angeles, CA 25/90 Callaway Rogue X 18* Strata 22* I would choose the 18*, since I'm more inconsistent with my current club. I'd want to compare my performance numbers against what I currently have.
  12. How much was did you pay for the set at the time? Is it holding up well?
  13. -Ryan -California -Tour Edge HP Series Red 02 -Strength when compared to other aspects of my game, but it all could improve Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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