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  1. You're definitely onto something. I played a round the other week and my ball striking was better than it ever has been, but I lost a lot at least 5 strokes around and on the greens. Chunked chips, a bladed chip, and not understanding the speed of the green really hurt the round. But I was still pleased with how well I was doing off the tee and on the approach. Gotta keep working at it!
  2. Thanks! I actually got fitted for clubs a few months after I started. And now I feel like a gearhead always looking for new thinks to buy. How did you find these much better golfers to play with? Did you join leagues or tournaments?
  3. Well done! 76 feels like a long ways off for me but looking forward to getting there
  4. That's exactly how I've been feeling with these two steps forward one step back progress I've been making. Golf can feel really brutal sometimes haha. I really like your story of when you started feeling confident because I feel like that's the type of confidence I'm looking for. I can get pretty competitive in just about anything, and I want to be able to play with better, more experienced golfers without slowing down pace of play.
  5. Thanks for the great feedback everyone! It's awesome to see how there are so many humble golfers out there even though they're at levels I'm looking to reach. I enjoy the hard work it's taking to see that incremental improvement (although my wallet isn't enjoying the cost). Yes, my question was intentionally phrased to be subjective. I'm a finance quant and data geek, but I also like hearing about people's subjective feelings towards the sport and their own games so I was asking more for the mental side of the game. I often find that when I'm standing at that first tee, I feel unsure about where my game is at that day and don't feel all that confident that I'm going to play well. Then after a few holes I feel like everything is ok, and I get into a flow. Does anyone find that goes away with experience, or do you all still find yourselves feeling nervous as well?
  6. This is my first topic on the forum! I started golfing last August with a box set from Amazon and learning from Youtube videos. I first took a series of group lessons, tried out a few coaches, and then I started working weekly with a coach that I felt I clicked with. We've been making some great progress with my ball striking, but sometimes I feel like when we build in more feels or improve something else in the swing, some of the wheels start falling off again and I feel like I'm regressing. It can get quite frustrating. I just wanted to find out from some of the more experienced members of the forum how long it took them before they felt "good" at the game. I put "good" in quotes because I'm not really using an objective metric - more wondering about what your own opinions of "good" are and when did you all start feeling confident on the course. Was there an "Aha!" moment that lead to that confidence?
  7. Thanks for this! I actually bought a gooseneck product because I figured I can use it in more situations including attaching it to my bag. Cheers!
  8. I think that your ability to play off the rack clubs depends on your physical characteristics as Hardcore Looper mentioned. I'm 5'3" with shortish arms so custom-fitting was helpful to me (I think) even though I just started playing last year. As for the learning on your own vs. getting coaching, I think there's a place for both. I started out just learning on my own by watching YouTube videos and subscribing to RotarySwing. I wasn't completely satisfied with my progress with Rotary Swing, so I went in for lessons with three different coaches. All of them said that my set-up and overall swing looked great, but there were small tweaks that needed to be made. Basically, I was doing some movements that made getting solid contact difficult (swaying too far away from the target and towards the ball in the downswing). There were also some sequencing issues. Rotary Swing mentioned these issues, but it was hard to know on my own that I was doing them, which is what made getting coaching so valuable. I'm now getting lessons from one of those instructors consistently and my confidence is skyrocketing. Overall, I think that the feedback you get from coaching is so valuable, but finding the right coach is paramount. You can know what you're supposed to do in your golf swing, but it's easier for a third party to tell you if you're actually doing it and what you're doing wrong. Perhaps other people are better at self-organizing, but I think a coach just helps to expedite the process.
  9. Thanks! I'll give it a try. I had seen that before on Amazon, but for some reason I'll trust 1 recommendation on this forum over the 200 reviews that SelfieGolf has on Amazon.
  10. Anybody have a product recommendation to mount my phone to my stand bag to record my swing? I see a lot on Amazon, but need something reliable so my phone doesn't break.
  11. That's why he switched to Honma
  12. I totally agree that par 3 courses are great for adult beginners. I just picked up the game (maybe even have become obsessed with it ) last year, and I'm in my late 20's. My local par 3 course has boosted my confidence a lot as I've been able to get a lot of repetitions on an actual course every week, especially with my short irons and wedges. The course is pretty dead around 11 o'clock on Sundays so I actually can play two or three balls without slowing the pace of play. I find it a very efficient way of practicing. Best of all, I'm not breaking the bank. The condition of the course I play is not great. The greens are not well kept, specifically around the edges. All the tee boxes are mats, but I just hit off the grass next to or in front of the mat. What's important to me is that I practice getting solid contact off of the turf, so I'm very pro par 3's.
  13. 1. Ryan, California 2. 25, 95mph 3. TaylorMade M4 D-Type 4. Epic Flash Sub-Zero
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