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  1. First Name/State: Brian, South Carolina Current Putter Used: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Handicap: 4
  2. A number of guys at our club have the MGI Zip Navigator. None of them have had any issues. Our club just got some of the Club Car Tempo Walks which I used last week. There were some glitches with it, but it confirmed that I wanted something similar. After a fair amount of research I also opted for the MGI Zip Navigator. I looked at the QOD, but I am not sure it would handle all the hills at our course.
  3. Unfortunately, the link has been delayed until September. I have all the sensors attached, and I am playing today and tomorrow. I am really excited to use this system!
  4. Thanks for the ideas guys. I have been looking for an app for sometime. The VirtualPro app looks very promising.
  5. First Name/City of Residence: Brian / Greenville, SC Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS for distance measuring or rely on good old eyeballing: Rangefinder If you use a device what model and brand: Leupold GX1i3 Thanks for the opportunity!
  6. I am with you on the link. I obviously had to preorder that too!
  7. I have been checking out the Arccos sensors for some time. I was on their website today and noticed they have 20% sale on 14 pack of sensors. I went ahead and ordered mine. I hope this helps a few others take the plunge! https://www.arccosgolf.com/collections/arccos-products/products/arccos-caddie-smart-sensors
  8. BJMDO


    I would agree with the notion on whatever you struggle with most. I will say that of the fittings I have done, the putter fitting had the most effect on my handicap.
  9. I am curious what the results of your fitting showed
  10. I would agree with a lot of what has been said. The Modus shafts have an incredible feel. I game the C-taper Lites. While I like the results I get, they do not feel nearly as good as the Modus. I was getting too much spin with the Modus in my fitting.
  11. Danny Willett, -13
  12. Having my putter fit was the most important thing I ever did for my golf game. I dropped my handicap by 4. I thought I was a decent putter prior to the fitting too! It sounds like you are your way to a similar result.
  13. I would say any of the equipment I have purchased from a top notch fitter. Not all fitters are created equal. I have done a couple fittings over the years with Bill at Cool Clubs in Atlanta. The guys knows the golf swing and equipment. The one piece of equipment I would say that had the most impact on my game was a custom fit putter (Scotty Newport 2). It dropped 4 off of my handicap.
  14. I told myself I was content with my bag as I updated everything this year except the driver and putter. These reviews have me very curious!
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