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  2. My equipment is awesome, crazy I am going there. Have read and researched so much gotta try some stuff first hand. Trying to find a a hybrid shaft for a Rogue 2 hybrid. If I find one that gives better dispersion and possibly more length I'd drop my 3W -on the courses I play the 3W is just not worth the risk reward. At least for me. My fear is the rogue was set up with specific intent-not sure the change will make a difference or worth the dollars. Anyone have any thoughts ?
  3. New here -great source been checking the content out for about two months -turned it into a hobby -probably a bad one as it just makes you want to buy golf equipment-I’m a human over equipment guy blended with equipment can really make a difference anyone in Alabama ? If you haven’t played the RTJ trail it’s a must trip and I can steer to the musts and they ones that are nearly too hard -
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