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    JPX 921's

    I just took delivery on the JPX 919 Forged. While I'm tempted to give these a go because I'm a complete equipment junky, I likely will not. The 919 is one of the best irons I've ever gamed. While there is certainly bound to be some improvements, they are likely incremental. I'm expecting these to be a little more "HOT" than the 919 and would expect to see a greater standard deviation in carry distance similar to my old AP3. Neverless, I'm not sure what's in the water over at Mizuno, but they are making it look easy as they continue to crank out some of the industries best equipment!
  2. Chris Titzer, South Lebanon, OH Yes, I own the Garmin Approach S10 I rely on the Garmin Approach S10 90% of the time, Bushnell Tour V5 to shoot targets like points to carry hazards or other landmarks on the hole
  3. Just finished the No Putts Given 19 Podcast and have been intrigued about the wet conditions data since I first saw the Tour Experience Golf review of the Ping Glide 3.0 wedges here. While I'm eager to see the complete results of the test in all it's tableau glory, it raises another important question. If Ping wedges had a performance advantage with their hydrophobic coating, could you expect the same advantage in the rest of their irons? (My thought is the Ping i210 has a hydropearl finish, correct?) During the heart of the golf season, a majority of my rounds are in the morning in heavy dew. That moisture usually dissipates somewhere on the back 9 when the temps start climbing (and so does the 'Gold Bond index! LOL!). My point being a large percentage of my 'in season' golf is played with moisture effecting shots that are not from the tee or the green. The next logical progression of this test has to be with a 7 iron, right?
  4. Really enjoyed this podcast! Glad it’s on iTunes! I still am amazed to level at which these QC issues have risen.
  5. Just added a few new clubs to start off 2019. New as of this week are TS2 Driver and 16.5 FW, (Both with S Evenflow shafts) AP3 6-PW, 48 Red AMT shaft S Replacing: Titleist 917 Fujikura TS Driver S Titleist 915F Diamana White S Titleist 918 AP1 red AMT shaft S Why: Speed! The TS was a significant increase 3-5 mph ball speed more on the driver Irons replaced because I could not cut the AP1. AP1 was a phenomenal club. Hit them well! I could not work right to left on a bet! Slight draw bias. Staying In The Bag: Titleist 818H1 21 & 25 deg, Red Tensei S Vokey 52F, 56S, 60D Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5 34” Future Aquisition: Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 (ordered but won’t deliver until mid April) IF I didn’t play what I’m playing now: Cobra Speedback Driver TM M5 FW Ping Hybrids Ping 210 irons Ping Glide 2.0 wedges Evenroll 7 Putter
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