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  1. I think it’s totally possible. I feel differences when I putt a 2 pieces vs a 4 piece.
  2. John Mopnteagudo San Diego CA I use a ping Fetch like lee Westwood I would like to use the 3
  3. John San Diego I walk 76% of my rounds I use a clicgear 3.5
  4. John San Diego, CA i am right handed. Hybrids – VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular 11.2 currently use a Callaway Big Bertha 6 hybrid.
  5. John San Diego, CA i have the putt out Matt and I love it. id like to test medium speed.
  6. John San Diego, CA USA ping sigma fetch interested in the fetch because I use the fetch now and want to see what’s different about the copper version,
  7. 11.5 Handicap per GHIN live in San Diego bear Glorious Torrey Pines 8 iron goes 105 yards per Arccos but I can get it to 145 on a good day I only know what I’ve reas on MGO. They are a direct to consumer brand that has a fierce following and they did well on the last tests.
  8. John Monteagudo /San Diego 3x week 2 3 putts per round the coolest thing about this is the feedback it appears to give you
  9. San Diego and Handicap is 12.5 per GHIN i use a plastic guide and sharpie to mark a line On My ball. Titleist Pro V1x JCM
  10. 13.5. San Diego, CA facebook, Instagram and Twitter all are CrzyQbn 8 -10 current bag: Driver: Ping 400 Max 3 Metal Cobra King F8 5 Metal Ping G400 6 Hybrid Callaway Big Bertha Irons 7- PW big bertha wedges, Callaway Mackdaddy 4: 48, 52, 56 degrees. Putter Ping Fetch Sigma 2 Dream Callaway bag: driver speed zone extreme 3 metal speed zone fairway 5 metal speed zone fairway 7 metal speed zone fairway 5 and 6 Hybrid Speedzone 7 Iron through GW Speedzone Wedges 48, 52, 58. all conventional length. Hzrds yellow shafts. Golf pride align grips. Thank you
  11. John / CA 14 Callaway Big Bertha 2019 133
  12. John Monteagudo San Diego, CA get my yardages wish Arccos have to admit I am a techie when it comes to golf.
  13. John Monteagudo San Diego, CA i always use the line to line up puts i use a red sharpie and plastic golf ball line marker Titleist Pro V1X yellow red “be the ball”
  14. Golf saved my life, I was 357 lbs, had diabetes, diabetic retinopathy (which basically means I was going blind) diabetic neuropathy, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was taking weight loss classes at Kaiser at mr Dr’s suggestion. They asked us to draw a picture. A picture of us when we were young and healthy. I drew a stick figure of me riding a bicycle. She asked if I miss riding bicycle’s. I said no but I miss playing Golf. She said I should go play Golf, I said I can’t I can’t even walk 9 holes without getting exhausted. She said so walk 3 then work your way up to 6. Then 9 and eventually 18. Since then I’ve lost 140 pounds. I am off almost all of my Meds. Just had my eyes checked and they are good. Went from a size 56 waist to 36. Thanks Golf.
  15. John / San Diego, CA 16 per GHIN Callaway Big Bertha 135 yards
  16. John / Ca 16 Callaway MackDaddy 56 W grind 52 w grind 48 S grind chip shot that bounces once and sticks
  17. John Monteagudo San Diego, CA handicap 19 I’ve tried the Eyeline putting aid and blast technologies putting aid
  18. John Monteagudo, San Diego CA 86 mph wedge Callaway chrome soft (want to change after big test) Never played Snell
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