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  1. Your First Name City of Residence - Josh Sopczak, Racine, WI Swing Speed - 112, Driver Current Primary Ball - Kirkland Signature 3-Piece (prior to the MGS tests!) Tell us of any previous experience with Snell Golf Balls...It's OK if you don"t have any - None, other than finding some random lost at our local course. However, very aware of his pedigree and recent news.
  2. Josh - Wisconsin Odyssey White Ice #3 Right hand My White Ice 3 is more center weighted and does not have much forgiveness for off-centered strikes, meaning that I lose distance control when I miss the center of the face. That has attracted me toward a high-MOI putter, such as this TA. My highest risk in poor putting is distance control on putts away from the center of the face.
  3. 1. Josh - Racine, WI 2. 5.8 index with WSGA, 109 MPH 3. RBZ 9.5* (1st generation). Tried newer, back to the old. 4. Epic Flash Sub-Zero. Trying to get my spin under control!
  4. I just received my free sleeve of their balls and tried them out on my buddy's SkyTrak. Fair feel for a four-piece urethane. The spin count was down a little from the balls we usually play (him a Pro-V1 and me either Taylormade Lethals & K-Sig 3 piece). I could probably benefit from a slight reduction in spin, but he needs all he can get.
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