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  1. Having played the ProV1x, and dismissed the ProV1, I have developed an opinion of the two. I'd love to express an opinion of these two balls and differentiate the two.
  2. Would love to contribute my input on the Epic Speed!
  3. SAVE. YOUR. KNEES. At 68, I was carrying a Ping Hoofer lite every round. Until I blew out my knee going downhill off a teebox. Torn meniscus. A month and a half later I returned to golf with a push cart. Yeah, carrying basically is easier. You can walk over the green instead of going around it. But taking that 25-30 lb. bag+clubs+balls+rangefinder+etc. off my back and putting in on wheels will save your knees, too. Occasionally I will still carry. But I'm back to pushing the next day. If you want to continue playing deeper into the 60s and on, save your knees.
  4. I'm excited to add my name to the list of applicants. As a permanent walker, I've experienced both the good and the not-so-good moments in golf shoes.
  5. As a 100% walker this would be a great opportunity to place a comprehensive review. As a former club tester for Golf Magazine’s ClubTest issue I feel I could offer a reader’s perspective.
  6. Tom/Winder, GA/USA Scotty Cameron Futura X5 Tomcat 14 most closely mirrors the Futura X5, and will give the best comparison between the two. The "runway lights" on the top of the Tomcat 14 help make alignment much easier for me, similar to the Futura's two parallel lines.
  7. - Tommy - Winder, GA - 11.2 (today) will probably go up after my round - Cobra King F7 - I'd be delighted to test the T-200.
  8. First Name / State or Country of residence - Tom / Georgia Handicap - Index 11.4 Current irons in Play - Cobra F7 The carry distance of your 7 iron - 155 yds.
  9. Provide the following information: First Name/City State - Tommy/Winder, GA Ball Used as your Gamer - Bridgestone B-RX Driver Swing Speed - 87 mph
  10. First Name/State or Country of residence - Tom/Georgia Handicap - Index 9.0 Current irons in Play - Combination Cobra King F7 and Ping G25 The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 155 yds.
  11. First Name/State - Tommy/ Georgia Current Putter Used - Scotty Cameron Futura X7 M Handicap 9.1 index
  12. Name/State - Tom/Georgia Handicap - 9.7 index Current Brand - Titleist Vokey: 54* - 10* bounce; 60* - 4* bounce Favorite Wedge shot is the 94 yard shot w/54*, or the 35 yard shot with 60* (or whatever works, like the 50 yard blade that nails the stick and drops stiff)
  13. - Tommy - Winder, GA - SS - 88 (Driver) Hdcp - 11.4 index - FW - TM M216.5*; Ping G30 19*; Tour Exotics Hybrid 21* Right Hand
  14. Tommy Georgia Scotty Cameron Futura X7 Both. I can take 29 putts on occasion. I can take 40 putts on occasion. I average between 32-33 putts (up from 31 putts)
  15. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year - Tommy Jennings, Winder, GA, 100+ Social Media Accounts - Facebook (Thomas R. Jennings) Handicap and Swing Speed - 10.9; 87 Current Set - Driver - Ping G30, 3W - TaylorMade M2 16*; 5W - Ping G30;Hybrid 21* Tour Exotics; Irons Cobra F7 54* & 60* Vokey. All shafts - Reg Desired Cobra Set - Conventional set makeup. King Wedges, Ultralite Stand bag.
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