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  1. DaveP043 and subsequent discussion on the face-on putting. My putter is set to this maximum angle and is face balanced but there is definitely a risk for scraping the toe and opening up the face during putting. And it takes me a few rounds every season to get used to how I actually stand over the putt but when I am calibrated my execution gets solid enough with regard to direction, so I never hit the marbles on my knock-off Dave Pelz putting aid. So that takes one of the variables off the putt, i.e. I only need to pick the right line, the right speed and then I know I will hit my intended line since I can't push or pull the putt. So that kind of eliminates the risk of getting the yips ever, and that is the reason I changed to this because my putting totally broke down on a course where the greens were fast and undulating and I felt my confidence in executing the putts vanished. So as you hear, I am all for continuing with this putting style. For very long putts, I just putt like Kuchar or DeChambeau with the shaft and I need that since the biggest challenge with face on putting is that you throw away all your years of speed control that you have built into your muscle memory with the traditional swing and putting stroke. But with time, speed control will get better. I realize this is a hot topic since face-on putting is just doing what the letter says but definitely not what R&A or USGA wants people to do. And I have heard a lot of claims that say my putting style is illegal. But since face on putting is basically just putting with an extremely open stance, and it would be very difficult for them to ban this entirely without just stating clearly that this vertical style putting is banned and then GP putters will just have to focus on the ridiculous face on chipping method. But until then I will keep this up. But I totally agree that if some pros started putting like this, USGA would totally block that just like they did with Bryson but I am just an amateur playing off 4 hcp, trying to use all the tricks in the book to get down to scratch and my ShotScope V2 is telling me my putting can definitely be improved. I play my tournaments with this putter and I only get ridiculed, but not disqualified, so I think until I start.
  2. I am not familiar with Garmin golf watches but I have a VivoActive HR and it is awesome so I think Garmin have their s%&# together. But why not take the step to Club tracking and stats and get the ShotScope V2. There you get both a very solid GPS watch and the addition of club tracking if you are interested in that data. I strongly advise the V2 but you probably cannot go wrong with anything from Garmin too.
  3. Thanks. I see the line seems to be enticing, I just think it is too short to be able accurately aim.
  4. Hello and greetings from Bergen, Norway. I really want to know how many of you guys use the aim line on the ball for putting or if you use another method. My opinion is that the practise of lining your ball up with your intended line takes alot of time, but it gives very little added value. I never line up the putt with the aim line on the ball and I am quite a good putter and have no problem hitting my intended putt line every time. (That may be in part due to the fact that I use a side saddle putter, so the putter is not opening or closing at all in the swing. It just swings like a pendulum so the club face is on my intended line the entire time.) For the exact method, see this youtube video: But my main point is that I dont think it makes any sense to use the aim line because the uncertainty in how accurately you can place you ball on the green is way beyond what you need it to be to make sure that you will find your intended line every time. My method has always been to look behind the ball and find som grain of sand or blade of grass within a foot from the ball on the intended line and then I just focus on that point and roll the center of my ball right over it. This is very easy (for me at least), and just by rolling the ball over a point that far away is going to decrease the uncertainty in the angle to keep your putt closer to the intended line. I see very many guys using this line on the ball and it usually takes time because they almost always have to check and adjust the line a few times before they are happy with their alignment, and then I need no time at all and my putts are usually closer to the cup (again, the side saddle putter is almost unfair to the traditional putters because push and pull in totally eliminated.) But I think this makes sense because it is like comparing the accuacy of a pistol to a rifle. Everyone will hit more targets with a rifle simply because it is longer and that is the exactly what I do with my putting, I have a long barrel to get my putts online and therefore I am sinking more putts than most of the guys I play with. What do you guys think, am I assuming something wrong, or do you think my side saddle putter is the only reason I always hit my intended line?
  5. Hi, I am a severe golf nerd from Iceland and it feels a bit weird to present myself as a grown man. I am not sure I have ever done this. But I really respect the work that MGS is doing and just sponsored MGS to make sure I help keep you guys doing the good work. 1. I have played since 2007 and currectly play off 4.3 hcp in the EGA system and usually play even to 8 over par, depending on how well I know the course. 2. I just love the challenge of playing better today than yesterday and beating my friends at the game. Insanely competitive type. 3. I ''use'' MGS before any purchase of clubs or equipment. I have a good club maker buddy in Iceland that knows all the tricks in the book, but you guys are able to test everything and that is very helpful. 4. I was born in Iceland and started playing in Reykjavik, the capitol of Iceland but I have been in Bergen, Norway for 6 years and my home course is Fana Golf Club. 5. The best thing, compared to my Iceland experience it the weather and the quality of the greens. The worst thing is the access to training areas, almost no short game per 3 courses, no outdoor driving range when it is freezing, since my range uses floater balls into a lake that somehow gets too stiff when the temperature drops below freezing. 6. I am a mechanical engineer and work in the oil industry. 7. Svengineer is just so obvious for an engineer called Sveinn. My strength is length off the tee, I have over 120mph driver speed, but that also means my wild shots usually just disappear so I have had to change my gameplan from in Iceland where it is possible to bomb it on almost every hole to basically just using the driver on 3-5 holes every round. I train alot, mostly with driver to rein in the tee shots and be able to use the potential of hitting up to 300m drives. I train at home indoors on a carpet with foam balls to keep the Phil Mickelson chipping method in check at all times. My most unusual aspect on the course is that I use a long two grip side saddle putter that I putt with a pendulum motion so I am really good at knocking in short putts because I do not ever hit the ball off the line I pick, so that usually causes some interesting discussions, and almost always purchase advice near the end of the round. I think the fact that fact thatI have only once proke par is probably mental, I overthink and invariably screw up a good round on the last 5 holes and that will be next summer's mission; to break par at least on a monthly basis which I think I should be able to do since I regularly play even par. Despite the golf addiction, I still have a family, two boys that are already playing golf and I just enlisted my wife for a course this summer so I may possibly win the lottery this summer and have the entire family playing golf (but I will not get my hopes up for the wife.) She is slightly more restrained when it come to losing herself in a hobby like I have. Otherwise, I use Shot Scope V2 and am very pleased with it and would totally be up for an analysis of my game by them in case they see something that I don't that might improve my score. Lets get nerdy, Svengineer
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