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  1. DaveP043 and subsequent discussion on the face-on putting. My putter is set to this maximum angle and is face balanced but there is definitely a risk for scraping the toe and opening up the face during putting. And it takes me a few rounds every season to get used to how I actually stand over the putt but when I am calibrated my execution gets solid enough with regard to direction, so I never hit the marbles on my knock-off Dave Pelz putting aid. So that takes one of the variables off the putt, i.e. I only need to pick the right line, the right speed and then I know I will hit my intended
  2. I am not familiar with Garmin golf watches but I have a VivoActive HR and it is awesome so I think Garmin have their s%&# together. But why not take the step to Club tracking and stats and get the ShotScope V2. There you get both a very solid GPS watch and the addition of club tracking if you are interested in that data. I strongly advise the V2 but you probably cannot go wrong with anything from Garmin too.
  3. Thanks. I see the line seems to be enticing, I just think it is too short to be able accurately aim.
  4. Hello and greetings from Bergen, Norway. I really want to know how many of you guys use the aim line on the ball for putting or if you use another method. My opinion is that the practise of lining your ball up with your intended line takes alot of time, but it gives very little added value. I never line up the putt with the aim line on the ball and I am quite a good putter and have no problem hitting my intended putt line every time. (That may be in part due to the fact that I use a side saddle putter, so the putter is not opening or closing at all in the swing. It just swings like a pend
  5. Hi, I am a severe golf nerd from Iceland and it feels a bit weird to present myself as a grown man. I am not sure I have ever done this. But I really respect the work that MGS is doing and just sponsored MGS to make sure I help keep you guys doing the good work. 1. I have played since 2007 and currectly play off 4.3 hcp in the EGA system and usually play even to 8 over par, depending on how well I know the course. 2. I just love the challenge of playing better today than yesterday and beating my friends at the game. Insanely competitive type. 3. I ''use'' MGS before any purchase
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