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  1. Hi Ya. Myrtle golf here. I use some gps installed on carts and have a old Garmin wrist devise. I normally look at the ground markers and then look at the target. I base my club selection mostly on eye sight as it relates to the lie of the ball. If the marker indicates 150 yards, I look at the flag and determine by sight if it will play longer or shorter. After all as a 13 handicapper 5 yards aint that big of a deal for me. As we all know the vast majority of players come up short on their approach shots, so for me sight helps me determine what club I actually should hit. Most of the tim
  2. I went to Club Champions for a club fitting. I bought my fitted Mizuno Tzoids 17 years ago and until last year hit them pretty well considering. I changed shafts to Recoils and that made a good improvement. But after my fitting I purchased the Taylor Made P790's once inch over standard laid down 2 degrees with the Fiber steel I95 shafts in regular flex. I just played my first round with them and they really perform. I will need to get to the range but the ball jumps off the face. I picked up between one and two clubs or 10 to 20 yards. I haven't hit a 6 iron 175 ya
  3. I have been playing golf for about 30 years but more recently since I retired about 8 years ago. Since I traveled extensively I played on weekends weather permitting. My 13 handicap was a low as an 8 but who's counting? I enjoy the outdoors and friendly competition and golf gives me both. But more importantly it challenges one to strive for improvement. I found MYgollfspy while doing driver shaft research and loved the concept and unbiased research. I have forwarded the website address to several of my buddies. I live in Myrtle Beach and I quit the country club beca
  4. Dan Boarman South Carolina (North Myrtle Beach) H 13 SS 87-91 mostly 89 Calloway xr with a Project x 6.0 Epic Flash sub zero I recently was fitted at Club Champion and the epic was one of drivers I tested.
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