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  1. How do you keep doing that? People you can not out trade the circus conductor!
  2. You may be right. I may have read that using the Apple watch for detection you have to be within 20 feet of the phone.
  3. I've played one round with it so far. It missed three shots, two with my sand wedge and one putt. I think I may have been too far from my phone on those shots...I'm not sure. I looked for anything saying how far from phone you can be and still record shot but I cannot find an answer. But I do consult my phone for yardage on shots so I still use my phone quite a bit.
  4. The Champ is 0-4??????????? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. With our new US Open Champion playing ONE length clubs maybe more stores and fitters will open there eyes to the benefit of one length clubs and start carrying them!
  6. If you look back at my putting handicap on Arccos, I was a 1-3 handicap in putting. I was a tester this winter of the Bridgestone Tour B RXS prototype ball. With this ball I found it difficult to putt with the same accuracy and my putting stats reflected my struggles with this ball on the green. I also had benefited in using AlignXL Pro V1x balls for the last year before testing the prototype balls. I received 36 balls to test after being V-fit into the Tour B RXS. I documented my struggles even though I drew a line on each of the prototypes it just was not the same. So after the testing was finished and I ran out of the prototypes I was putting better so I wanted to try the Bridgestone Tour B RXS with AlignXL and my putting has steadily improve back to 1-3 handicap. I think it took me quite awhile to get used to the feel of a new ball as well as regain some confidence I lost while struggling and adjusting to the Tour B RXS. It is my gamer now!!!!!!!!!! Whatever ball I play in the future it will have AlignXL.
  7. I am self-appointing myself as campaign manager for sirchunksalot to be chosen for CCC5 ! Even though he chose B. Boston team at the start of CCC4...wait a minute...I resign as campaign manager. Just kidding Chunk your the best, man...not a better soldier on here!
  8. Okay I came in second I'm gonna say I won the silver medal of #COBRACONNECT4 #TeamCobraONE #Teamonelength Seriously I'm very proud of my performance and I feel fortunate and honored to have been chosen to compete in #COBRACONNECT4, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!! We are ALL winners here at MGS because this is the greatest golf website on the planet! Nowhere else do you get such opportunity to educate yourself and interact with so many golf enthusiasts as we have here and the icing on the cake is being chosen to test golf equipment and review the product to our piers. This has been so much fun and my game has never been in better shape. I achieved a goal that I was not sure I would achieve...single digit handicap! The Cobra SpeedZoneONE clubs have taken me to a new level of performance. Here are baseline numbers coming in with 70 rounds tracked by Arccos Caddie. And now after 8 weeks and 16 rounds with SpeedZoneONE clubs. I had wanted to try the one length concept since watch the chronicling of Bryson Dechambeau as he burst on to the PGA scene at the Masters Tourney a few years ago. Now I have had my chance and I feel I have made the most of it and I hopefully will continue to improve with the added consistency and ease of setup offered by SpeedZoneONE length clubs. The concept just makes sense to me and I think embracing the one length clubs may be the difference in my success compared to previous one length competitors. I don't see myself using anything other than ONE length irons going forward...they just give me confidence and repeatability that I have never enjoyed before. Of the Cobra clubs in my bag the only club that could lose it's place is the SpeedZone driver...but I want to put the shaft in it that I was fit for first to give it every chance. ( I was fit for Tensei Blue stiff and received a regular. ) I love the 5 wood that dude is sweet! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to these weeks and months of craziness...too many to name. Especially those who supported me Thanks to to my competitors @Headhammer, @GB13, @edingc, and our CHAMPION @B.Boston !!!!!!!!! We are now part of the CobraConnect Challenge Family!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable job done on this #COBRACONNECT4 by the man the myth...GolfSpy STUDque Thanks Cobra for putting up the goods to make this possible year after year. And everyone at MyGolfSpy My Home For Golf!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Look [emoji102] what showed up today [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. #COBRACONNECT4 #MGSCOBRA2020 #TeamCobraONE #TeamONElength ?
  11. Arccos Caddie Review Daviddvm I have been using Arccos Caddie since shortly after joining MGS in March 2019. I was interested in being a tester but after reading many of the reviews I realized I had no way of tracking my progress for good or bad when testing most equipment. I was following CobraConnect3 and was seeing how the competitors could analyze and track their data and I thought “that is what I need!”. I had no idea how much I would learn from Arccos Caddie tracking my rounds. This system takes the guesswork and foolish pride out of your golf game. The cold hard facts about your game will be presented to you after each round. It is humbling. Golf is humbling. But information and data are powerful in helping you improve at an exceedingly difficult game. I have logged 86 rounds using Arccos Caddie. The last 16 rounds during #COBRACONNECT4 have been with Cobra Connect Smart Grips. I have reduced my handicap from 19 to my current 9.2 through the knowledge I have gained here at MGS and Arccos Caddie shot tracking with tour analytics. I have learned my strengths and weaknesses which has allowed me to work more on those weaknesses. I would also stress that the data will open your eyes to how far you really hit the ball! It is paramount to improvement in golf if you understand how far you really hit the ball with each club. On-Course Performance 3.5/5 stars During the round Arccos does require some attention to be accurate in tracking each shot of a round. Technology does have limitations. As a GPS guide you must pull your phone from your pocket to view distances and recommendations for shot strategy. I have used second generation sensors and the current third generation sensors which are considerably better at detecting a shot taken during the round. The ability of this system to also select club and strategies live during the round are unique to Arccos. The accuracy of the GPS function does seem to vary slightly from course to course. But the customer service system at Arccos headquarters is particularly good at correcting deficiencies when called to their attention. Off-Course Performance 4.5/5 stars Tour level analytics at your fingertips second to none! Your performance broken down into six categories to help you understand how to improve at this difficult game. Overall, driving, approach, chipping, sand, and putting are available for analysis for each round as well as by course and history. You are presented a guide to understanding where your game needs improvement. Arccos is continually improving their diagnostic capabilities to help us be better informed golfers. Miscellaneous 4/5 stars The ability of this system to break my game down as compared to other golfers helps me understand that I’m not alone in my golf journey as this is a gloriously difficult game for us all and the reward is great no matter what your goals are. Play It or Trade IT 5/5 I see no other system on the market that can match all the attributes of the Arccos system. I feel that my game has benefited greatly from the stats and analysis I receive from Arccos. I will soon be receiving the Link belt attachment that will allow me to no longer carry my phone in my left front pocket. I will review how this development changes the system after extensive use of this addition. Overall 4.5/5 Arccos Caddie and smart grips system is in a league of its own.
  12. I have had a rigorous schedule this week playing 4 rounds of golf and working 3 very busy days at my clinic. I first played Galveston Country Club for my do you know de way? round for this week. I played my usual weekly round yesterday at Timber Creek. Saturday and Sunday I will be playing in The Bay Area Championship Tournament at Bay Forest to finish my #COBRACONNECT4 competition.
  13. Kory I have the link on it's way from Arccos. It will not be in my review this week but I plan on writing a review after using it for an extended time. I will post that review in this thread.
  14. xOldBenKenobiX Thanks for being a big part of the fun we have had in #COBRACONNECT4. I think you would be a excellent candidate for COBRACONNECT5 ! Love the film clip !!!! One of my favorite movies.
  15. Congrats Apollowshowl... I came gunning for you but fell short...you da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. It's not all about the score. You guys have now bonded and you may golf together more often, that's a win in my book!
  17. The two man alternate shot challenge this week I found to be the most difficult yet the most enjoyable of the #COBRACONNECT4 Playing golf we are usually task with the sole responsibility of success or failure squarely on our own shoulders. We compete against other golfers, the course, and the elements. In this week's challenge I believe I now understand why it means so much to the professionals to play in the Ryder cup and the President's cup events. The comradery of these team events are a relief for the golfer who is always perched on an island against all other competitors in tournament play. Randy and I spent the day cooperating on strategy formulation for each hole and each shot. We cheered each other on, picked each other up after a poor shot, celebrated good shots, and high fived with each made putt! In spite of the blistering heat that we have been enduring the last month I think I can speak for both of us...we had a great time Thursday. We both hit some really poor shots but we both made up for it with many timely well executed shots as well. The round started out really rough, triple bogey 1st and double bogey 2nd ouch! We started grinding out pars and bogeys the rest of the day. By the end of the round Randy was hitting the SpeedZone driver better than I do! On the backside Randy saved us several times with full shots and chips with the sand wedge. I made several timely putts. More importantly it was a team effort and was very rewarding for both of us. #TeamCobraONE #TeamONELength I'm encouraging Randy to post a short review on his impressions of the SpeedZoneONE clubs. Spoiler alert... he's already thinking about buying a set. We played at Bay Forest Golf Course our home course which both of us are extremely familiar which gave us the best chance for success. We played the white tees. I had every intention of taking numerous pictures but with the constant discussion about strategy, conditions, clubs, etc,... It never even entered my mind I was so in to the moment during the round. Though we were two guys playing one ball our pace of play was very deliberate and we never pushed the threesome in front of us. After the round Randy wanted to play some more so we played a few more holes each playing our own ball and that gave Randy opportunity to play more shots with the Cobra clubs he seemed to be falling in love with! Then we headed to a EL TORO restaurant for some great Margaritas and Mexican food. A restaurant my wife and Randy have frequented since they were kids growing up together. Hand it to my wife she had the presence of mind to meet us at EL TORO and take our picture. I love my wife #TeamCobraONE
  18. Oh my gosh that is soooooooooooooooooooooo good! And you changed your profile picture TOO!! Totally awesome Bro!
  19. I've been thinking about this two man challenge since I first received the calendar for the #COBRACONNECT4 challenge. Unsure of what would be best I've actively talked up MGS to numerous playing partners and many have been interested but none ponied up and became members here. My wife did sign up and she has been on my shortlist but with school starting she has her hands full at home helping my daughter and one of our friends son with virtual classes during the week. My search continued until, last week when our family friend and my wife's life long neighbor and her little brother's best friend growing up, was down enjoying a martini with me I do make a great dry Vodka martini. This man is referred to around our house as "The Guy"! If something is broken or stopped up or if you're doing home repair or if you need an exotic tool you call "The Guy" he has everything and more importantly he knows how to do everything! We started talking about golf and he told me he had started playing again ( he and I used to play together pretty often until he was in an auto accident and suffered several broken vertebra and had to give up golf for several years). I told him about the #COBRACONNECT4 challenge and #TeamCobraONE. We discussed one length clubs and the rationale behind the concept." That makes total sense to me" said the man my daughter calls Uncle Randy! I said " well you can try them out next week and be my alternate shot partner in the week 7 challenge!" Randy was reluctant because he isn't playing as frequently or as well as he used to. But I know Randy, he's clutch! He's the kind of guy you know you can count on whenever and whatever the circumstances. After my encouragement "The Guy" is now a MGS member and should be a valuable member for sure. This will be the first round of golf we have played together in six years and I am so proud to have such a good friend on #TeamCobraONE aka #TeamONELength I'm proud to introduce I'll be encouraging Randy to become active as he becomes more familiar with MGS. My home for golf! I won't be surprised if "The Guy" plays some really good golf!. But one thing I know it will be really good to play golf with my friend again!
  20. "The Guy" !

  21. You get two picks in a row!
  22. You don't want the first pick!!!!!!
  23. I have Mackenzie Hughes to thank for my advance to East Lake...He had to make that final putt on 18 to advance him and me for the first time to THE FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Bro!!!!!
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