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  1. Happy Birthday y'all
  2. Very touching tribute to a life well lived Rob, Godspeed to your mom.
  3. Happy birthday D ! And welcome to MGS the best place for golfers on line
  4. Congratulations guys should be a good group, look forward to your journeys and reviews
  5. Oh boy now you've done it Wedgie you're gonna get wasted Bro ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  6. David Houston, TX HC - 13 Titleist 716 AP1 Desire Titleist T200
  7. Great news in my area guys and gals !!!!! Our county judge has allowed area golf courses to be open with implementation of CDC guidelines for public distancing to avoid spread of COVID 19 virus. I did get to play yesterday but I had to travel to a neighboring county golf course that was open. I'm really HAPPY
  8. I was fit at a Callaway fitting two weeks ago into the Mavrik Sub Zero 10.5 with Evenflow RipTide 6.0. S shaft. One day after "The Pandemic" clears I want to be fit for the Ping G410. Then I might be in the market for a purchase.
  9. Well golf is on hold for the foreseeable future in my area all counties around Houston are shelter in place as of tonight at midnight. Only essential businesses are allowed to open. My most frequented courses have already sent me e-mails of closure.
  10. Congratulation to this fab four! Looks like a great group...enjoy the ride!
  11. I've played three more rounds using the Tour B RXS prototype balls. It's March in south Texas and I've played in 15-30 mph winds in all three rounds. My scores are not impressive but I have been hitting the ball pretty consistently. The RXS ball has impressed me in it's ability to penetrate into the wind and maintain distance well.
  12. I've played every Thursday for the past three weeks and attended a Callaway club fitting last weekend. Yesterday was the first time anything has changed. The club house and restaurant facilities were closed and check in was outside in the covered open air pavilion with hand sanitizer in abundance. Only the snack shop was open for food and beverages. Carts were available and the staff announced thorough cleaning of carts between uses. I brought my own Clorox wipers and Purel to wipe and sanitize. Flags and rakes were present at this course. On another note I'm still evaluating the Bridgestone Tour B RXS prototype ball. Check out my comments in Official member reviews.
  13. The next few weeks could actually give us something in sports to talk about... "where in the World will Tom Brady play?"
  14. This is the page I get brousing on Chrome … And same thing on my Edge account.
  15. Damn I want to do this...if I survive the pandemic!
  16. Thanks foz I'll correct that ! Now check it out.
  17. Saturday at my club was Callaway Club Fitting and Demo Day The results of my fitting above. I really liked the Mavrik driver and the Mavrik irons and I can tell you they are long! Swing speed 98 with driver, 240 carry. 7 iron carry 150. These numbers are better than my current arccos averages. The surprise for me was that they fit me into a stiff steel shaft for my irons. I have been utilizing graphite shafts in my irons for the past 3 years, but my dispersion and distance was considerably better with stiff steel shafts in the Mavrik irons. I really like the Mavrik irons as far as the way I hit them. They have a game improvement look but they are Callaway's intermediate club between a player's iron and GI iron. They work pretty well for me. They will be on my radar when looking for my next set of irons.
  18. What the hell are golfaholics like me supposed to do?
  19. Played Moody Gardens on Galveston Island Thursday in 30 mph gusts. Birdied 1st hole , par 2nd and down hill from there. Just a brutal day but had fun with my friends shot a 92. Being the glutton for punishment I am ... headed back down to Moody Gardens Thursday to try that beast again. Wish me luck.
  20. Looks like my team has turned the season around and will be a force to recon with in the upcoming weeks...bring on the the big tourneys
  21. Nice article as always Dave. Congrats on ten years. That's the same Callaway setup my daughter has You get your hands on that UE HYPERBOOM yet? Had to repost this question ... kept getting an error message when opening your answer. Keep up the great work with Fireball !
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