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  1. Compound fracture of at least one leg!! Tiger will not be playing golf again for a long time. Very sad news. Wonder if he's on the opiates again.
  2. Some people will never learn... https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=these+people+will+never+learn+gif&id=58947DC818DCD24657E4660429698EC9C840A1F3&FORM=IQFRBA
  3. BNG Blood I know better than try and trade with YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck this season my friend.
  4. Great news and great addition to what I feel is already the greatest site for golfers on the internet! GolfSpy_THV will make my home for golf will make it that much better! Conrats my friend!
  5. Ok guys I think we're ready for 2021...Good luck this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats Chief Mike Officer you won the golden ticket and deserve the golden ticket. Better kiss his ass Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  7. I liked last years scoring with the best ball format because it is makes some of those plodder type pros like Charles Howell III more relevant and the guys that play a lot of tourneys more important as well. Majors will be awarded more point value than normal tour stops?
  8. Good luck to the 4 finalist. Apolloshowl win another golden ticket??????? That would be amazing!
  9. As last years runner-up to the Champ Apalloshowl...I'm ready to win it all this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I'm ready for Fantasy Golf after getting my ass kicked by D. Henry ... congrats golferKen!
  11. Congrats guys...time to get to work soon!
  12. Neither are very good!!!!! But I prefer MFL Looking forward to Fantasy Golf season again as well!!
  13. My team looks to be ready for the post season
  14. You are in GolfSpy Stroker! Thank you Lamar!
  15. David from Houston Iphone 11, Ipad Pro 4th gen Outdoors With and without a net.
  16. Blasphemy!!!!!!! The tinkering is half the fun. Jack never blamed his clubs...I'm no Jack Nicklaus
  17. Part of my problem is ONE length clubs are hard to find and demo even in a big city like Houston. But I know I'm the main problem lol, I'm not confident when I'm over these shots. I may replace my ONE length 5i and hybrid with my Titleist 818H1 23* and 27* and see if that restores some confidence.
  18. Interesting to hear yawl talking about the same spots in the bag I'm having some trouble with. I love the 5w (190 - 200 yards) and the 21* one length hybrid (175 - 185) in my bag. But I'm having trouble with the one length 6i and 5i. I am very erratic with both clubs and have trouble with getting them high enough to stop on the green. The 7i is money (145 - 155 yards). I've got a 24* speedzone ONE in my shopping cart on Cobra...thinking about pulling the trigger for X-mas. My hesitation has been I've had a little trouble getting enough height with the 21* hybrid ONE to stop on the green in fir
  19. David from Houston, Texas I had a hitting net about 20 years ago when I didn't as much golf as I do today and I felt like it helped me groove my swing. I do not currently have a net but I have considered getting one recently after reading the net testing results. I would use it at home in my backyard. I do not have a launch monitor currently. But that might change . I would be most interested in results on course after frequent use of hitting net to groove my swing between rounds.
  20. I love red meat, fish and vegetables! I lost 35 lbs two years ago on the keto diet. I avoid carbohydrates and have maintained my weight loss and feel soooo much better.
  21. Congrats to all of you! Especially the 1st timers.
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