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  1. Sold the putter for a small profit,but he set isn`t TM ,Callaway or Ping etc so the golf snobs don`t want to know
  2. Ping Putter ,this was a greeny/black colour when i got it ,cleaned it a bit
  3. photos probably the head would fly off first time lol
  4. I have been given some clubs and a bag i have never heard of this make ...........DYNATOUR .............I googled it but info is sketchy The Putter in the was very dirty but its a Ping Anser with Slazenger stamped on the underneath i googled taht and it says it something to do with Jack Nicklaus back in the 60`s Anyone got any more info i would like to know Cheers
  5. Well would you believe it ? Will club memberships increase now ? Will club sales go up ? Will he beat The Golden Bears record
  6. Been for physio, looks like it gonna be injection so thats it i`m selling up and retiring from golf .........and if work continue pi**ing me of i be retiring from there too Take care everyone
  7. Had a sleepless night ,took painkillers . overdid it at pitch and putt. Gonna ring physio later ......Pi**ed off
  8. Went to my local pitch and putt today ...........wished a hadn`t
  9. Hope you get your date soon, someone i new had knee problems he was a plumber by trade Take care T
  10. Update Feeling a bit better......... i think i`ve been lucky stood under the hot shower till i went wrinkley lol .....rubbed anti inflammatry gel on etc etc Heres hoping
  11. An international section !!! i have been posting but i will now introduce myself I`m Tony. 58 yrs old no good at golf really and i`m sick of Brexit Hobbies inc........ My model railway (inc American diesel locos...... got a great Rock Island Line Alco RS3) , watching soccer and now for the best bit i love American football `GO EAGLES` !!!!!! AND College football .........we get it over here ESPN Gameday (my wife likes Kirk Herbsteit) But i got no particular favourite college team Take care .............The Masters soon ........... A Brits gonna win it this year
  12. Well this is an interesting thread (just for info my shoulders getiing a bit better) i dont want bore you ,but heres my twopenneth worth i like golf i loved watching it as a kid in the late 60`s and 70`s (well until late 70`s when girls ...........well you know) But wasn`t until 1998 when I played first in the USA visiting family . So to cut a long story short i buy clubs , i try to play......... air shots galore ........... you know the story...... i have a free lesson then i pay for a few lesson but i work shifts so no practice But also ......... no natural ability ..............i was no good at any sport at school, so i think it becomes harder . So i pack up and sell everything just over a year passes and i try again but its not happening . I was going to try again........... no shifts now, more time to practice, find a swing for me , have lessons, join a club (thats a laugh) So yes i really do suck at golf ......... but so what The only way i can drive a ball straight is put in on the passenger seat in my car.......ok i tried to make a joke !!!! When my shoulders fully fit, i will go to my local 9 holes .......its cheap and cheerful and i will go to the local pitch and putt which is very good ,no slow issues there lol ............and i will pretend i can play Take care all ,enjoy yourselves and everyone can have a bad day at the office.
  13. Hi all Well first off i hope everyone with shoulder issues all the best I saw the physio today she was good she edged her bets on what the outcome may be .She told me all the options so i have made a decision to call it a day with golf . I should be able to go to my local pitch and putt , so all is not lost ,i can live with it. To be honest my golf game was erratic to put it mildy So i wish everyone well on the forum , thank you for all the advice and my forum name now is more relevant than ever lol Happy golfing And............ British golfers will win all 4 majors this season Chipperman
  14. Been to Docs this morning given me some pain killers boked in to see physio Thursday AM feel a bit woosy with pills, but i cant complain saw someone from my school days haven`t seen in years he told me in the past year 8 people who were in are class/year have all passed away
  15. Anyone ever suffer this, today i can hardly lift my left arm away from my body,came home from work early couldn`t even drive ...........of to the docs tomorrow
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