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  1. oh now.............. has that got your attention at the pitch and putt .............85 yds
  2. just go and play which ever holes i want and there no slow play, no one pushing you from behind and no snobs so thats it for me now
  3. For pitch and putt only.............. underneath the" urban camo" headcover is my putter and of course my uncles patch
  4. my favorite hole.................. i was up early today there no flags put out
  5. some pics of my local p and p
  6. Hello everyone Feeling much better now so on Thursday and today i went up to my local 18 hole par 3 pitch and putt........... longest hole 125yds / shortest 58yds It is kept in good condition by the local council . I know it only p&p but i think thats gonna be my lot in life from now on . Just thinking of treating myself to a new putter .......... but i think a Scotty Cameron might be a bit ostentatious for pitch and putt lol ............ but i`ve got my 82nd Airborne patch on my bag and i`ve got my 1 cent coin ball marker my uncle gave me I`m watching the US PGA on the TV at the moment ............thats one hell of a course !!!!! Take care ,happy golfing Cman
  7. Thanks guys and i thank everyone who gave me advice on here !!! Take care everyone and Happy golfing CMAN
  8. Had chest pains been to hospital twice . I had an MI 5 years ago stented etc ......so the doc says i`ve got to take it easy........... uh thats a laugh ,Wll be watching a lot of golf on tv.. i have thought about ti for a while and im going to pack up golf i need another hobby cman
  9. Hi rather than start a new thread........... i said yesterday i packed up at 5th hole cos i didn`t feel to good ,just felt drained ..........at 1am this morning started with chest pains went to the hospital was checked out they have altered my medication a bit (i had an MI 5 yrs ago got a stent and an occluder in place ) home now ,feel a bit groggy but ok got to see cardio doc next week CMAN
  10. Found out a bit of info about the clubs they were sold in the mainland Europe market ,so i`m thinking someone bought them over there and brought them over here , they are in very good condition .i have been using them and doing well in conjuntion with the advice i was given. Went for nine holes with them today but retired at the 5th ,i didn`t feel to good . it`s my birthday soon might treat myself to some new clubs. I am a Benross fan CMAN
  11. Thought i start i thread now the NFL Draft is done We have the NFL games here in London , last year the Eagles played but i couldn`t go (i would rather see them in Philly) And we get College Football on tv including College Gameday with Coach Corso and his head gear !!! i supose being an Eagles fan , it should follow that i be a Penn State or Temple fan but i haven`t got a college team ,never really paid much attention to College football until i saw the Gators Stadium and was amazed at the size and the fact that most stadiums are packed on gameday........... it is a religion............ i like the history and traditions So im looking forward to the new season for both GO EAGLES !!!
  12. Hi Everyone, Well the shoulder ok now ,yesterday was a niceish day so i went for 9 holes at my local pay play ,no frills stuff par 3 to start and finish no par 5`s longest hole is 360yds ........... when i got there ,there was a older man waiting near the first tee i went and paid and decided to pay for 18 . its good VFM He asked me if i was alone because his buddy couldn`t make it so we set off together ,i haven`t played properly because of my shoulder just pitch and putt and swings on the garden ,I told him i wasn`t very good but he said neither was he lol but he was!!!! The first 3 holes i lived up to my billing ,then he gave me a tip he said take one practice swing only (i take 2/3) address the ball and take 3 breaths and slow my swing down a bit . The 4th was a bit better but holes 5 to 9 for me were awesome . To cut a long story short i did the first 9 holes in 46 (par34) the lowest i have ever scored there and the second nine i did in 44 . My lowest nine hole score there was 52 (yes i`m not good) AND ............ i played with those Dynatour clubs ...................see my other thread (question about clubs) It might be a one off but i`m going to use the system he told me next time Cheers cman
  13. Sold the putter for a small profit,but he set isn`t TM ,Callaway or Ping etc so the golf snobs don`t want to know
  14. Ping Putter ,this was a greeny/black colour when i got it ,cleaned it a bit
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