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  1. I played a Cobra 5W for a while, decent off the tee, or low rough - High flight easy to cut or draw. Switched it out for a Ping G30 3H a few years ago when i started playing a course that was much tighter. The 3H is much lower normal ball flight and much easier to flight down further if i need to punch out of trouble. I have been considering adding a Titleist 4H, and replacing the 5H and 4-iron with a 7W. So any help to the OP? analyze your game and your needs, get fitted - re-arrange your bag to suit your game and the course your playing
  2. Going a little against the grain - 4 years ago i wanted more forgiveness and something that was easier on my arthritic back and hips - was playing callaway x-22 with regular flex steel shafts A couple fitting session later and i was ordering taylormade M5 irons 4-sw with graphite regular+ shafts - atmos red i think they are. and i coupled those with new gloves by BIONIC Distance and accuracy went way up, discomfort went down. SO lesson of the day - go to a fitter and pay attention I used mmm Golf Galaxy, went to 1 store and didnt mesh with the pro there - he was pushing cleveland launchers on me i couldnt stand the look of them so i left and a week later was in another GG and the guy there listened to what i had to say and initially set me up with the newer callaways with steel in senior, no go all over the place, then steel in regular better dispersion but still a variety of missess, on to ping - i use a G400 lst driver with a copper xtorsion shaft - and they felt really good but were going to be a month or 2 out, and then tried the TM M6 which was just like the ping G, misses with both of those were low on the face, finally tried an M5 they had in a graphite regular and boom long and felt much nicer on contact, tried in Stiff to tighten up the dispersion which worked lost a little distance and settled on ordering the regular+ shafts. They have been fantastic - SECOND part of the fitting, i try the bionic gloves they look weird but immediately noticed much lighter grip pressure, the hook is mostly gone and they last !
  3. Steve L Mansfield OH Playing a PING Anser Cadence TR Probably the KETSCH, though a Piper C is pretty decent - played one of those for a few years seems like the anser is more finisse than i can deal with right now, looking for something that has a little more umfff
  4. Steve / Mansfield Ohio Handicap 14.2 Currently LH Taylormade M5 Graphite Fujikura Atmos Orange S 7-Iron carries 150 Thanks for the opportunity
  5. Steve /Ohio Ping Scottsdale Anser TR2 Bettinardi - Innovation meets craftsmanship, number 1 in timeless style
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