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  1. I played a G400Max, then a 410 Plus, and now a TSi2. I averaged 218 yards with the G400Max, then a 410 that averaged 223 and today I average 241 with the TSi2. I know that sounds nuts, but those are the numbers from actual play. 410 and TSi2 were fitted however. The G400Max is a fairway finder that I do not think can be matched. The 400 spinned more than the 410 and the 410 more than the TSi2. Ball flight from highest to lowest - 400, 410, TSi2. Dispersion was best with the 400 and basically the same for 410 and TSi2. I am about to turn 60. I think you are correct on the sweet spot as there are some days I can’t swing completely freely and wish I had the 400Max. It may be a little shorter, but it finds the short grass. As I slow down I’ll also need more spin.
  2. Great job on the putter. Do you see value in the multi material design? Yes for weight distribution mainly, but also looks. Do you like the simplistic design? I need a putter that’s not too “busy” and fits, so yes. Yes. I’ve found certain “crazy shapes” and a lot of lines cause me line issues. What is your favorite and least favorite part? Shape of putter bottom is my favorite, for some reason I think it will help on taking the putter backstroke. Least favorite would be the hosel, but not due to color. The hosel is copper and copper is pretty soft. I could see it being bent accidentally, upsetting lie or loft. Would you be excited to use this? Yes, it has a classic, clean look Would you consider purchasing this putter if there was a limited release? I was putter fitted recently and much to my surprise I need a lot of toe hang. I’ve always putted with lined styles mallets. Turns out I aim the lines left and my stroke fits a more toe hang. Cleaner designs with toe hang is my fit. I’m guessing I’d need more toe hang than your putter has and I would be worried about bending the hosel accidentally, so most likely I wouldn’t purchase. However, if I saw it in a store, I would want to roll it and see how it feels.
  3. I’ve got a Crazelite and it’s great to me. Straps are thin, but don’t really notice due to the weight. But, after looking at the VLS I could see why it carries well too. How can I disagree with someone who ordered 27 bags?
  4. I’ve done both now. Driver is in the fairway more often and 23 yards longer on average one year after the fitting. Had the wrong shaft, shortened shaft 3/4”, maybe a newer head helped some. Putter fitting was eye opening too. Received a putter fitting for Christmas and was fit into a smaller mid mallet with 40* toe hang. On the floor and the outdoor green the results were wonderful for speed and alignment. I owned 10 putters before the fitting and I took my “favorite” to the fitting. I line the rascal up 1* open and hit it toe side with a 1-2* push consistently. Something about the mid mallet head shape had me lining up correctly every time and hitting near dead center. The SAM said so too. I tried others too, but that shape and hang was just it. In my 10 are Seemores, a Ping, Odysseys, a Taylormade, and a high moi Maltby. All trying to find a fit. I never would have picked that smaller head and when it was handed to me I said I hope the hole is twice the normal size. I honestly did, as every putter I had, but one Seemore, was a large mallet for alignment of all things. Grip went to a small. Again, never would have done that, but the SAM… VIEW…Driver vs Putter..yes and no…for driver I wanted more fairways and distance…for putter I wanted to roll my line and consistent distance. So yes. But, I agree with @cnosil that a putter fitting is more than a driver fitting.
  5. I bought two different Golf Logix green books once. The greens’ part was helpful on the course as we had never played them. The yardage book part was useless on 4-5 holes of each course though. Those holes had dog legs, bends or wide waste/bunker areas. My youngest son plays D1 golf and they use Strackaline. Those are nice.
  6. I don’t think it’s US only. Pulled this off their support site: We have over 40,000 world-wide courses included with our app. Most likely, your home course is one of them! https://support.golfpadgps.com/support/solutions/articles/6000133708-why-should-i-create-an-account-in-golf-pad-
  7. I’ve used GolfPad for about two years on an Apple Watch, but they have an Android version. I like it and have their sensors. If you email them they’ll let you trial the full version.
  8. I was quoting @m3davidson post stating that I believed what I read of his. He’ll have to explain it.
  9. Theoretically if you spike pressure in the trail foot then the right hand rule of torque would dictate that the Gx vector would be in the total opposite (Gx') thus behind the golfer and would throw off their center of rotation (M'). The spine would have to straighten and move counterclockwise from the top of the swing and result in an "early extension". i believe this. I struggle with early extension. The other day I played 9 with trying to keep 60% left heel to start swing and get that feeling back by start of downswing and rotating through. Best iron striking I’ve had in quite some time.
  10. I had a shaft in a Ping G410 Plus that I loved the feel. My youngest son gave me a driver fitting for a Christmas present. Finally got around to doing it in late February. I ended up with a shaft that I can’t say I love. Don’t hate it, but it’s doesn’t feel as sweet to me at all as the old one. The fitting numbers said I should love the new shaft so I got it. Prior to the fitting I was averaging a whopping 223 yards based on my tracking data. Since the fitting in March, I’m averaging 247. Go get fit with a good fitter.
  11. Golf Pad…I’ve used it for a couple years and it’s been good to me.
  12. The Bushnells are quicker to lock on than the Nikons. My son has had V3, The one with barometric, etc and a V5. I have an older Nikon Stabilized. No comparison on speed, particularly if there’s trees behind the flag. He says the V3 is the best and still uses. The other two weren’t returned when left at the course. Stabilized is nice though.
  13. Funny…I just moved from a 4 wood/7 wood setup as my 4 hybrid carry equals my 7 wood for carry and the 4 wood was too low off the deck. I’m now 5 wood and three hybrid. The 5 wood is a little shorter off the tee than the 4 wood, but carry is better off the deck. The three hybrid is lower launch than the 5 wood with less carry, but with roll quite longer, and most likely on line. I think the shorter shaft helped greatly. I only average 241 with my drives if you’re wondering about a speed comparison. When I gave up trying to hit hybrids like an iron and just come in flush, hybrids became very good to me. If I hadn’t done that I might be looking for a 9 wood.
  14. Here you go: https://mygolfspy.com/flagstick-in-flagstick-out-2019-new-golf-rules/
  15. I gave up my 7 wood as it was spinning so much and carried the same as my 4 hybrid. I wasn’t fond of hybrids as I tried to hit them like an iron with a descending strike and it wasn’t good. When I started trying to just swing them flush/sweep it changed everything. I now have a 3,4 and recent add of a 5. They stay on the line intended. It has me wondering about shorter fairway shafts as the hybrid shaft being shorter definitely improved things vs longer fairways.
  16. I use Star Grip’s Tour Star+ standard size. They’re tacky enough for me, but I do use a glove. Clean them every so often and they stay tacky.
  17. For about a two months I’ve had a regular 55 g Drago in a TSi2 driver. It’s mid flight, low spin. Stouter in butt and tip than the middle. I was fit into this shaft. Before this shaft I only averaged 223 yards. After several rounds, I’m averaging 244 now. It’s definitely low spin for me.
  18. I use these from Golfworks. Stick directly to shaft and then tape over. .035" thickness is close to but not exceeding USGA limit of .040" https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-grip-rib-pack/p/gw0017/
  19. Roccao- Sorry to hear this. I have been exactly where you are except with 3 torn discs, s1-l5,l5-l4, l4-l3. It’s a long road, but you’ll be back to golf. The nagging thing that hangs around for me is loading on the right hip. Some days it’s fine and some days it’s not nice, but it will force you to swing smooth if you’re not. You will think I’m nuts, but I sometimes go to the range to get relief. Swinging fairway or driver seems to work best. Eventually you’ll get to working a lot on your core and it slowly helps, but the most helpful and painful thing for me is stretching the right hamstring. Keeping the flexibility I think is key. My back went when I was 49 (205 lbs) and today I’m 59 (175 lbs). I still golf, backpack, and kayak. Did give up tennis. In a way, the bad back has forced me to be healthier, so in a funny way I’m thankful. The best thing I ever heard was “motion is lotion”. Right now the motion is going to be brutal for you, but I promise that motion eventually does become lotion. It even applies to my golf as I’m 4 strokes better when I walk instead of riding.
  20. From one Dawg to another…hope the surgery goes well. My discs have slight tears above and below L4 and below L5. I won’t bore you with the story but I’ve managed to avoid surgery and sleeping through the night now. If I walk, I can golf OK. Riding is just too much sitting. One thing I find funny though is when I swing a good swing I actually think it helps the old back. Kind of motivates me to swing smooth so I don’t end up on my knees.
  21. Play KBS 90’s. Like them a lot. As you noted launch is a touch higher, but I find their dispersion good.
  22. Tags do make it easier. The watch app is a simple tap then select club. The phone app does take more taps and can get you distracted from your round. I went through the same thing you’re trying to decide last Fall. Folks talk about missed shots and sensor replacement due to battery life of the Arccos sensors. I had a phone and smart watch already, so cost wise, I figured I’d try Golf Pad and with tags or watch I wouldn’t miss a shot. The convenience of the V3 does have me interested in it though since I wouldn’t have to worry about the phone. In the end I thought Arccos was too costly and the V3 hadn’t been around very long. The tags do what I need and the stats are enough for me. I do think Arccos is king for stats, but I’m not familiar with what Shotscope has.
  23. I’ve got the tags and I like them. Battery life on watch and phone has been good. The plays like distance seems to be good for me too. Their service, if you have questions about something, is top notch. I walk a lot, so the phone is in my left pocket and scanning tags has been reliable. If I forget to scan it’s easy to add a shot by the watch. I’ve found it to be accurate as well, except for one hole on my home course. However, one report of it out of the app and a few days later an email came saying see how it is now. Next day found out things were good. Even if you don’t have tags, the watch app is so well setup that I sometimes don’t bother to scan, particularly on the tee box. In the fairway I always scan for some reason. On the green I’ll do both at times.
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