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  1. Bonjour guys! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend and maybe some quality time (with your family) on the golf course. On Monday morning, there was a sale representative at the pro shop who was actually selling polo shirts that apparently do not give golfer's tan. Well, you needed to buy them online, just giving people a link to their website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/innersky/innersky-the-ecological-tan-through-polo-shirt?ref=8jmwzs I could very much be interested, but I do not know this "multi brand website", Kickstarter. Is it safe to buy on it?
  2. Bonjour all, Still a beginner, but I love the Vice Pro Soft. To be true, it might be the marketing from Vice that got me, because I prolly dont need such a ball with my super beginner level... (if you guys have anything good even cheaper than Vice, I still lose a ball or two per round, so... xD ) Marie Laure
  3. Good morning guys (it is 9am here but you are all prolly still asleep), Thanks a lot for all your replies! First, because some of you may be interested in, did you know we actually have a "naturiste" golf course here in France? (A golf course for naked golfers...) I am pretty sure it is "La Jenny" golf course, apparently a "not so good" 6-hole course on the Atlantic French coast. But I have never been there. As I told you, I protect my exposed skin with appropriate sunscreen (30+SPF), that let me slightly tan without annoying my dermatologist nor being all wrinkled (I a
  4. Hello all, I am Marie Laure and recently joined this (great) forum. (Feel free to read my presentation btw, it is super boring -> "international" section, I live in Paris ) I recently started golf (March 2018) but I am already a golf addict and find myself spending hours on the course every weekend (it takes longer to complete 18 holes when you're a beginner...) My question is about tanning... Last summer, I had what one calls a golfer's tan the entire season! I would be pleased if some of you could give me few tips on avoiding it. I may add before receiving the
  5. Hello all from Paris, France, I am Marie-Laure, pleased to be a new member of this forum. I only started golf a year ago (March 2018), but I immediately fell in love with the game. I don't have a handicap yet (this is my 2019 objective) but I usually score between 100-110 on the courses I play often. What do you love about golf? The long walks between two shots, preferably after hitting a nice one, that let me time to think about the next one. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I have been reading you for se
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