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  1. Overwatch player here. I've tried BR games and I suck at them. The maps are too big and I can't see what really good players are seeing a lot of time. I tried playing Apex Legends and got called the worst random ever paired up with. LUL
  2. I have a Seamus Fescue Project sunday bag and I love it. I have a Jones original as well, but the Seamus is a much better bag. I carry 12 clubs, (no 3 wood and no gap wedge) so sunday bags are perfect for me. I even use it on a cart when I play courses that don't allow walking, and I don't get club tangle because the bag is standing straight up. I've had ping moonlight, the titleist version, the mizuno version, and a sun mountain version. None of those are as comfortable as a bag with no spine and stand mechanism. And the reason why the Jones bag loses to the Seamus? The hard plastic base and plastic round top. Believe it or not, the soft opening with the 3 way leather divider top on the Seamus is perfect. The plastic on the jones makes a loud "thunk" like I'm hitting an empty 5 ballon water bottle like a drum. Makes it sound cheap. Bear in mind, this is for the complete minimalist. It literally has 1 pocket that will hold up to 10 golf balls (I keep 4-6 and my sunglasses in there), a mesh pocket I keep a small drawstring pounch in that holds my markers/tees/divot repair) and a top pocket I keep my wallet and keys in. It has a bungie chord I wrap my light weight jacket in, and a single strap. And it fits perfectly on my shoulder and lays on the small of my back, firmly, and without club head rattling. I'm tempted to buy another one, but they're not cheap, and the designs are very limited. i use a pair of trestle sticks as a stand mechanism, but I end up putting the bag down on the ground most of the time except for on a tee box.
  3. I'm picky about my bags. I tried the big vessel stand bag. I think there are 2 different versions. I only have experience with the big one. My first impression was that it was rigid, and bulky. And those impressions didn't change. I see it more as a staff replacement bag than a true carry/stand bag. Because the materials are thicker and feel more luxurious, it can't be made of the same thin, light, rip-stop nylon that other stand bags are made out of. I do like the pocket and zipper feel all around. The zippers are thick, track well, and the hardware/handle is more substantial. It feels like quality for sure, and you can open any of the pockets with one hand. No holding onto the material to get the zipper to track or to prevent the soft pocket from folding, in essence getting the zipper to snag. The stand deploys like any other stand bag. I feel like Hoofers have the best mechanism. This one part is the only thing that doesn't feel as strong as the rest of the bag. The straps are okay, not what I would deem the most comfortable. The opening and handles are all average. Nothing really new that hasn't been seen before. The best thing about this bag are the zippers and the firm pockets, and the near logoless look. I really like the ball pocket and the pocket right above it. That arrangement is nice. The worst part of the bag is that it is bulky, but that's what makes it feel more substantial and higher quality than the other bags. It's a catch 22. I'd probably spend my money elsewhere. But if you don't like logos on your bag, this is a pretty sweet alternative.
  4. I upgrade every club (driver, irons, putter, wedges, hybrid) in my bag at least every year or every other year. Except for my 7 wood. a 21* Ping G10 fairway wood. I got it new when it came out. 9 years now? Something ridiculous like that. My spider Ghost was almost as old before I replaced it a year ago with a Scotty 6M.
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