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  1. To answer Kenny B’s question the original Triton adapter did not have .5 increments but instead used “draw settings for +1 and -1. As far far as I know only he Triton had “draw” settings in this era of Wilson drivers. I did have the correct handed adapter. And I got everything all set to my liking. As for your question about 1.5 up equating the draw I 100% have had the same doubts. But I went to the range yesterday. With just the driver (terrible idea won’t do that again) and ripped about 80 balls. I figure if the adapter is really going to be bad it would have had some issues but I sensed and saw nothing. I do have no intention of changing the loft settings around 9 degrees is pretty spot on for me already. i did shorten the driver shaft by an inch and half from 45” in the aldila phenom to 43.5” in the PX smoke. I really am liking the change. I don’t have a track man but conventional wisdom says I will lose club head speed and in turn ball speed. But I’d rather hit the fairway at 270 instead of be in the trees at 290. So I’m hoping to keep the same golf ball my whole round more often this summer. My old gamer is a 2007 TM Burner TP and I took her out the other day and crushed it so who knows I might go back to that a if I can get on a launch monitor I’ll try to share some data on the two shafts.
  2. Thank you fellow golfer. You’ve calmed my worries. I’ll post some photos once I get it all set up
  3. Very odd to get a response that the labels are just different. Idk. But if I’m trying to set my original shaft to +1DRW and on the new adapter is -1.5* I’m not sure how this whole thing works. I have reached out to Wilson and they have said their fast fit adapter is universal
  4. Hello everybody. I have a question. I game the Wilson Trident and purchased a project X HZRDUS smoke shaft aftermarket to replace what I currently own. I am replacing the aldila phenom which is just too stiff for my swing feel. And it’s an X and the PXSmoke is a stiff. so I purchased an adapter online, it says it fits the Trident/c300/d300. It looks like it fits just fine. It clicks snugly into place in the head BUT there is now “draw” settings. The Triton adapter has +1 -1 and DRW +1 -1 and STD. So my question would be. Are the adapters truly interchangeable? And since i no longer have “draw” settings would my driver now be adjustable by .5 loft increments? Im just confused and was needing some answers before I sink some epoxy into this thing and set a shaft. Don’t want to do that before I’m 100% sure. i messages Wilson and they said their adapters are universal but I’m still looking for a second opinion. Attached are some photos of the two side by side
  5. thank you for asking! My reasoning with cutting the driver down 2 inches is for some more control. My current shaft is an X stiff 45" and I'm just not as accurate as i would like to be. (my previous gamer is a taylormade burner tp 2006) and I had that cut to 43.5" back in 08. But I'm pretty much thinking off of tipping the shaft at all and just cutting all the length i want to off the tail end of the shaft. My swing speed is certainly in the X range but I just dont like the feel of swinging a telephone pole i think?
  6. Hey guys I have an update to the bag. Nothing crazy but I JUST ordered the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g stiff flex shaft for my driver. In the couple weeks since making this post I have really struggled with my driver consistency and i truly do not like the feel of the extra stiff shaft. I guess I have a question to fellow golfers. My plan is to cut the shaft down to 43" same as my 3 wood. But I guess the question is should I tip the shaft a half an inch because of my 112 MPH swing speed? Looking for advice on what to do. I WILL TAKE PHOTOS ONCE I GET THE SHAFT INSTALLED TO THE ADAPTER. Hit it hard yall
  7. yes my first post was a couple days ago and my fatal mistake was not including photos. Let us see your goods!!!!
  8. Absolutely they fly high. Which can get me into trouble sometimes. But I'm willing to take the trade off as with so much spin even long irons have a really soft landing everytime. My next set will be a cavity back as I don't feel I'm strong enough to play musclebacks so here we are. As much as I do love my clubs I was very young and very poor when putting most of this set together so $$ had a little bit to do with it. They were a trade in at a proshop for 99 bucks for 3-gw. I jumped on them right away. Happy hunting friend!
  9. Yeah the club fitter at Golf Galaxy was talking crap on them which I'm assuming was an attempt to sell me irons while I was in there shopping for 3 woods. His attitude ticked me off enough to bring in the 5,7,9 iron and hit a bunch of the 2019 model irons. Eventually I got him to try my M565's and he took back everything he said about them. those Irons are butter
  10. Hey man I'm touched. My golf clubs are an extension of me. Like a surgeons tools. Taking me from being a poor high school golfer, to an even poorer DIII college golfer, and finally turning into a (maybe 10-12) handicap player who only gets out once a week because of wife and 2 small children. Cheers mate. Love the site. If you guys are ever up near the Northern Virginia metro area lets hit the sticks.
  11. I posted about my driver as well above. So I'm not going to cover that again. I'm really most excited about my new 3wood it is the new Cobra f9 tour. I tried all the major 3 wood at Golf Galaxy and they all looked MASSIVE to me. Like aesthetically to much. But the fitter brought over the "tour" model of the F9 speedback and it love at first sight. I was a big upgrade from my Nike Sasquatch. The shaft in the 13.5* 3wood is a Project X Smoke Black 70G Stiff Flex. I think it's really the star of the show and am looking into getting a Wilson adapter on one to throw it into my Triton. The shaft is perfect for me and my swing. 2 Iron Hybrid- Adams Idea Pro, Circa 2007-2008 with a Stiff Flex 80G Aldila "By-you" shaft. So the story behind this club is when I was in college I had a job in a pro shop (shout out Fiddlers Green Eugene OR). Adams would hook up the salesman at pro shops for pushing Adams gear to customers. Well after a summer of selling clubs the Adams business rep came and said I could have any Driver/3wood/Hybrid that I wanted in their line. Well I did not have a hybrid at the time so I chose that. I got to choose this club FOR FREE just as a thank you for selling their gear. Truly Adams was amazing back in the day. But on the course the hybrid is everything you want it to be. Sits slightly open at address and has a beautiful click sound on impact. This club is great for those 220 carries over water. Onto Putters. In my bag currently is my OG Odyssey 2ball. Had her since High School just like my Scotty Cameron Circa 62 no 2. Scotty was in my bag for years but after a year of "testing" I really believe that the 2 ball is "2-3 strokes" better per round for me. I really struggle lag putting with the Scotty blade. So this year I am fully committing to the 2ball and seeing what happens
  12. Hello! Thanks for the reply! I really do like my Triton Driver. I purchased it last fall (November 2018) still new in packaging on Ebay for 99 dollar including shipping. My previous Gamer which I'm still thinking of going back to is a 43" TaylorMade Burner TP from 2006. I had it shortened slightly years ago and love it. I am 6'4" and this Triton is longer I'm thinking around 45". Back to the Triton. I also have the 12 gram weight which Wilson actually removed from circulation after the dust up with the whole "USGA Non-conforming" thing. But I do not have the "illegal" set up as I use the Carbon Fiber soleplate with a 6G in the toe 2G in the heel and the 12G in the back. I also jack the loft up from 9* to 10*. I do not like how the driver does look slightly closed at address but that's something I can get past. The shaft is the Aldila RIP Phenom (Grey Paint One Red Eye) in Xtra Stiff 50Grams 4.0 Torque. I kind of like the shaft but I honestly prefer a stiff flex. a little heavier shafted stiff flex is what I like feel wise. The shaft in my 3 wood is what I REALLY want to put into this driver.
  13. I'll break it down. These are my irons and wedges. I run the 4-GW Macgregor M565. I took the 3 out of the bag as it is 20* and my Hybrid is 18*. I felt carrying both was redundant. The shafts are rifled "Precision" S 5.5. The 4,5,6 Irons are a Lamkin "tour velvet" style Midsize grip In black with reddish/maroon caps The 7,8,9,P Irons are a Golf Pride MCC plus4 Align regular size grips black and grey red align The Gap Wedge (50*) I DUMBLY pulled the emblem off the back like a fool but that grip is a Golf Pride MCC in Black and White. Seriously pulling the emblem off that gap wedge was the worst decision I have made with golf equipment ever. The Irons are "Forged" but still have a pretty wide sole and low weighting for I guess "mid level" players. (perfect for me). They still have the responsiveness of a forged iron but still very forgiving. I plan on playing them until the grooves do not exist anymore. Whenever I do upgrade I will probably look at the new Wilson D7 Irons but I HATE how aggressively loft all irons are now. They claim to offer "more distance" but a 7 iron is the loft of my old 5 iron. But I digress, I love these Macgregor M565 Irons and will play them forever. Wedges 54, 58 both Titleist Vokeys I believe the 1997 release? Not sure. Either way both were a gift from my fathers college roommate who was a pro in Kansas for a long time. They were used when I got them but I was I think 12 or 13, around 2002. They both feel really great and the 58* has a bounce of 8* which (I THINK) allows me to open the face more and allow me to play a variety of shots. The 54* is my 50 yards and in ":chipper" and I use the 58* in tight spots only. I'm real apprehensive to pull the 58* unless I have to. I have also used a "Tru Groove" sharpener on both the 54 and 58 wedge (don't tell anyone) to try and prolong the life of the wedges. I'm on a budget and dropped 300 bucks on a 3 wood so minimum 200 bucks for 2 new wedges isn't going to happen. Honestly tho I do not see any difference after using the groove sharpener extensively. I supposed maybe a little bit but I think we would need a launch monitor on course to really know the truth.
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