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  1. well i have gone a bit out there and changed to bryson`s jumbomax lite xsmall the feel is amazing been tempted for long time thought new year new grips so far all good
  2. Haven`t done one of these forever lets get lucky -9 Justin Rose
  3. Hello all My name is Nigel from South Wales in the UK. I have been playing golf for 40 years and play to a 10 handicap at the moment just getting back into the game after a mcl injury sidelined me last year. I love the game as it gets me out the house and challenges me to the point of despair! I joined Golfspy to keep me aware of all thats going on in golf and chat with other golfers i would also like to become a tester as i made keen for new tech and kit. I`m not a member of a course just pay and play in my local area , in myarea there seem to be lots of clubs that charge a fortune to play yet facilities are minimal ie practice areas pro shop`s also seem to be few and far between and golf superstores are taking over shame. I work as a warehouse operative for ASDA distribution. My username was easy my childhood hero SEVE.
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