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  1. Hello all, I am a middle aged "born again golfer" living in the north of Scotland. we have some great well known courses playable with in a days drive. happy to play on any course , and am into the tech side of golf and always keen to try the latest club or gadget. I have now just found the time to join the forum, my best buy this year has been the cobra f9 driver , i am also a fan of aldila X torsion shafts and have gold buddy converted to these , i have an opinion on everything golf , but do keep an open mind and realise being a life 60%er I have a fortunate place that allows me to have club making tools and some disposable to tinker with shafts etc, this is to help local golfers be better not so say this is the best option , as the goals do move. Its as good a feeling being able to give something back to the sport that's given me so much x2. Currently playing Vice golf balls , but will try any make , still to find anything that even comes close let alone matches the balata I played 1st time round.
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