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  1. Jason brick New Jersey 14 jpx 919 forged w/project x Lz 6.0 t200
  2. Jason alvino New Jersey Handicap -15.6 Current irons-mizuno 919 forged 5-aw kbs stiff 90 Carry distance -165
  3. Yea they said they couldn’t order me a set if I wanted to go ahead and purchase due to them discontinuing the old head , so they won’t fit me for them
  4. I went for a fitting at golf Tec yesterday and they wouldn’t fit me for the p790 said they are being discontinued and I guess re made or upgraded does anyone have info on this ?
  5. I’m a terrible putter. I don’t line up correct my misses are bad I’m looking for a good putting aid/trainer/mat any suggestions? Im 1 year into golf I shoot low -high 90s usually have 40+ putts I need some serious help any suggestions ?
  6. Thanks guys I got golf pride cp2 pros they are amazing g
  7. Do you think it’s worth it re gripping a cheaper set? My stock grips are a little slippery and the irons TM rbladez are a year old so I have some time left but I’m pretty new to golf so Idk how long I should keep them or if re gripping is even worth it on this set
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