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  1. Jeff B Stonebridge CC Boca Raton, FL Use Course Markers for Distance Estimates Believe Technology for John Q Public Golfers is a Huge Help! Provides obvious guidance and assistance, helps golfer make better decisions and most importantly, speeds up play which I consider a huge issue and concern for golf today. Be it at public or private courses, the pace of play remains an area of concern and technology can help address this matter.
  2. Name: Jeff Bookstein. Locale: Palm Beach County. Rounds per year: 55 + Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Handicap: 17. Swing Speed: Driver @ under 100. Long Irons @ 85-90. Current Set: Nike Vapor Flex Driver & 3W, Nike Vapor Speed Irons 4 - 9. Callaway MD2 & 3 Wedges PW, AW, AW, LW. All graphite shafts. And yes, I'm still playing Nike clubs. Desired Cobra Set: King F9 Driver, 3W & 4 Hybrid. One Length F9 or Forged Tec Irons 4-9. Variable length Wedges. All graphite shafts.
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