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  1. I guess mine is semi private, we have memberships, and greens fee players. I like it that way, I think it keeps our costs down. People should take care of where they play, no matter what type of course. But sounds like you need a nice course to play at. I like being in a place with members, tournaments, always someone you know to join in with when you just decide to go play on a whim.
  2. I use it, I have come to realize that after you decide your line all that’s left is distance. Trying to see the line and feel the distance at the same time is hard.
  3. Have not walked for years, triplebypass had me using the cart. Now Doc. Says get back to it, but I can’t push the cart. So if I don’t get to demo, if all gets a good rating I will buy. Dean Miller
  4. Plattsburgh NY iphone 11 indoors for now, snow on the ground net
  5. Dean - Plattsburgh NY scor wedges 50-52-56-60 thinking of moving back to steel shafts
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