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    Somerset, Tasmania.
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  1. Good luck everyone, but I am gutted that this one is for U S only.
  2. Great story Jim, looking forwards to more.
  3. Hope you have great fun here in Tassie and you enjoy the golf. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  4. Just paid for a L.A.B Putters B2 on eBay. I have been interested in the concept of these for a while but they are hard to find here in Aus. and paying close to 1K or more to get one here from the USA was going a bit too far. Anyway, I won the bidding on this one at A$360 so looking forward to seeing if it is money well spent or not.
  5. Great to see him back on. The channel was not quite as good without him in my opinion.
  6. I leave my glove on, have tried taking it off but could not notice any difference.
  7. Going on my past efforts I would stand a better chance if the prize was for selecting players who unexpectedly collapse after being in contention, not gonna let that stop me having another go though. Thanks for putting these great competitions on and a shout out to Titleist for the great prize.
  8. Max Homa winning at Wells Fargo tournament would be a good "Stocks Up" , has a great public personality and comes across as the type of bloke you would love to have along at a BBQ. Nice person, nice wife, got a dog and a baby on the way, what more could you want? 

  9. Are you thinking he should go full Cam Smith or are you looking down a different style? Being an Aussie I think emulating Cam is not a bad way to go.
  10. Really good new feature, love Ricky checking strokes just like the rest of us.
  11. Don't know when they are available here in Tasmania but I would definitely like to get a box of the "stripes" and give them a try.
  12. Think that these are great suggestions to make shotscope even more useful. Have you sent these suggestions to them directly? I have found that they are fantastic responding to queries, remapping etc. At the moment they are sending me a new buckle for my band as mine broke during a round and I enquired as I didn't want to buy a new band if I didn't have to. No charge and really fast response, cannot rate their service highly enough.
  13. I really enjoy the almost daily emails from them, usually a couple of interesting articles and seeing what the Pros play is interesting if not relevant. Hope that they don't change too much.
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