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  1. HMPs are just STOOPID long. Probably TOO long... Great iron for headwinds. Nice low boring trajectory...straight... and oh yeah, STOOPID long. Gonna need another wedge dammit.
  2. Isn’t your PW 45deg? Should be a perfect bridge to your 50deg... what is the yardage gap between them?
  3. Nice! How does dispersion compare with your i210s?
  4. I’m probably gonna need more than just a pair...
  5. Interesting...did you try out the PING i210 vs the 585?
  6. PING G-Max. Check em out here at Most Wanted SGI 2017
  7. I’ve also got PING G-Max but find em hard n clicky. Gonna get fit for either PING i210 or Srixon 585. Didn’t care for the G410s...
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