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  1. We will see when both are on the Senior tour, or to be PC the Champs tour.Tiger is 7 or so years younger and yes has more wins but they were the top rivalry in golf for many years. Phil is much better to watch and listen to for TV and in person, better personality.
  2. As most probably thought and now proven by the above posts: Great to attend practice session Best to watch tournament on TV Awesome food and low prices Great scenary Awesome to play. Paperclip you are very lucky tell us more about the course? How did you do?
  3. Thanks for the statistics Middler.
  4. Tiger did it in 2019. Phil and Tiger are well known rivals. Phil hits it longer than Tiger, he likes bombs. Phil is in better shape as well.
  5. I know the age but still should work.
  6. He has a great record. Is great on the Seniors tour now and has his moments on the PGA.
  7. Thanks for the post jlukes, helpful.
  8. Thanks. Awesome. Why so special for bathroom and concessions? All your points make sense and is what I expected. Congratulations. Must be awesome to play.
  9. Sorry meant to ask attended not attending. Love the course as seen during the Masters.
  10. Hope he does well at the Masters. Great natural talented golfer funny, a lefty and over 50.
  11. Never heard of this. I know of J100 golf balls i used as a kid. First balls bought brand new. Still saved some up until 2 years ago. A smaller ball.
  12. Miss playing with my metal spike shoes, best stability but feet got tired. Use runners now but want to FJ PRO/SL but only if get a good deal because price is crazy $300 Canadian.
  13. Great prize except for the pandemic and IRA, ISIS, etc. too scary for me but man those course would be fun to play but I much prefer parkland style courses over links courses, like trees for scenery and shade and wind protection. Good luck to all who enter.
  14. viking

    XXIO balls

    Thanks good information. Gold seems much nicer. I have tons of balls, never need to buy any, for this price seems like most people should try these just like you did. It seems like it would be perfectly suited for me with my slower swing whihc will get slower with age.
  15. Never a bad word about Bobby Jones, Jack N., Arnold Palmer, etc. true gentleman who appreciated all people from all walks of life, all races etc. Yes many raciest people in golf history, Augusta National likely is a good example of the bad but it has slowly changed, hear so many good things about the members from pros etc. Heck they never ever increased the price on their famous Master Tournament food. They were the only Golf course etc. to publicly condemn Tiger for his many many many discretions but was it just because of that or was their a raciest motive as well or were they upholding the gentleman's code? It will forever be suspect because of thier history. I guess we will never know.
  16. viking

    XXIO balls

    Thanks i see they are still on sale, good buy. What ist eh difference between the Platinum and Premium besides silver vs. gold colour?
  17. You have no documented proof of that. Hear say and your speculating is not proof, Tiger is in a league of his own. Own it Tiger. What Tiger did is unthinkable and unforgivable, again so many times with so many women (repeat offenders are not pardoned) and hurt such an innocent loyal woman. Too bad the NE reporters were not there to record his whooping Elin deservedly gave him so the world could see the true Tiger getting a little bit of justice. They did film some of his Perkins girlfriend. All these women were publicly shamed (by the media, by the public, by golfers) while Tiger gets away basically scott free and is still a hero. More like a zero.
  18. viking

    XXIO balls

    You got a great deal, congratulations where?
  19. Is it even more awesome than it looks on TV? How about the pimento sandwiches? Seems great, great price as well.
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