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  1. Thank you you are very knowledgeable. It will take a bit to review and understand.
  2. Thank you you are very knowledgeable. It will take a bit to review and understand.
  3. Thank you you are very knowledgeable. It will take a bit to review and understand.
  4. What other evidence do you have that the weight placement and club head centre of gravity has not changed in many years? You list one club but are there others?
  5. Covid 19 is also an article on the blog i.e. how it is affecting the golf industry. Lets gt serious here and not be forcing people to not express their views and ask honest positive questions. The site has no explanation of what political means here. Common sense would be we should not: 1. negatively argue about political parties 2. negatively argue about political leaders 3 negatively argue about political elections 4. negatively argue about political debates on tv 5. negatively portray political followers of various political parties I have never seen any of the above here. Lets not confuse people have different views, beliefs, philosophies, morals and ideas and this should be encouraged not discouraged as long as it is not against the law and does not endanger people or cite mob violence or racism.
  6. Covid 19 is not political. It is a global health issue / crisis. It also is directly golf related because it changes how we are allowed to play the game or even if we can play the game, maybe forever but certinally for the next 2-3 years.
  7. Who made you king? I have serious questions that need clarification especially to us new members. Why can't it be answered?
  8. Maybe the mods can answer this as well please? Thank you. Stay safe.
  9. I read it here somewhere where the Spaulding Executive clubs still have more or better weight placement cg than today's clubs.
  10. Yes Rick noticed the same thing but he admitted he went overboard in his video. On your second point I noticed that posting as well. But you can visibly see the different weights now internally and externally and they did not have that before, so why advertise these different metals and fillings make up if it does not change the center of gravity and ability to improve launch of the ball?
  11. Serious question do you agree or disagree with the LPGA dress code changes of a year or so ago. I think it is in violation of the sexy women golfers to dress as they please (within reason of course) but what they were wearing on the course and posing with advertisements was nice, very good for them financially and for the LPGA as many more people watched it then. Why discriminate against natural beauty? None of thse sexy LPGA women outfits were a problem to me and many if not most women and men. IMO very stuffy thing the LPGA did.
  12. We were not even close to being the first to do this, it has happened elsewhere around the world. Can't take credit for that. There was no fuss either when it was suggested, no people protested, no debate, even restaurants were ok with it. I think this is common in Europe maybe South America as well. Americans should go on the bandwagon with this (or maybe off the wagon is a better way to say it). It is in violation of your right to bear booze.
  13. I don't mean offense or start a fight. It is a serious question. maybe Americans call many things political vs. the rest of the world eg. Canada. Politics means political parties, political campaigns, political leaders, political debates on stages not on issues. I would like to know what you and this sites definition of politics are so I know the rules of the site. Very serious question please don't take offense. Stay safe S&B
  14. Golf course should allow people to bring their own booze. For the last few years here in Winnipeg you can even bring your own booze to a restaurant so you don't have to pay those crazy high markups eg. pay as much as a full bottle at the licqour store for s simple glass of booze. It has gone ever well, no abuses, no complaints and not a lot of takers either I think.
  15. Yes they will, will do it one their own or be forced to by government, public health agencies, inspectors, and by the golfers themselves, they don't want to see or touch those empty booze bottles, there are kids on the course you know.
  16. That is not politics it is good public health practice. Politics is political parties (Dems and Reps for you in the US) or political leaders for the November 2020 elections Seriously how is what he said political? Honesty I don't get your objection. You can agree or disagree with his views no issue there but why call it political, just because you don't agree with it? You can agree to disagree it is a free country with freedom of speech, thought and assembly, correct?
  17. You did nothing wrong Release imo, you had good advice that would save many lives. Stay safe Release.
  18. Rick Shiels did video on them he said it worked.
  19. Anybody try one or see one in use on a course? Anyone see them as new in a retail store? Seems like it would be the top chipper. It was for a couple of years when i did a YouTube search of top chippers. I think this wold be even better than my chipper with the marksman markings and its wider design.
  20. I assume you are talking golf. Guess that may be the norm know. Wet towels to have clean fresh balls.
  21. My clubs are 35 tears old are like brand new, never re-gripped, still tacky (I wash them and use vinegar with a brush several times a season) but I don't play much eg. go out 15-20 times a year play 20-30 games last few years before that was like 5-10 games a year. Don't play in really hot or really cold weather. Always keep them very clean. Except one year I did a lot, 1997 and 1998 as I won a season golf pass to a very nice course about an hour away one way.
  22. Wedges wear out in 2-3 years? That is nuts. Are they so super soft now? You can regrove them.
  23. I understand and agree with your point. No what I am saying if they both have the same loft and length (i.e. old 5 iron and new 7 iron) they are the same just BS labeling on the club. But if the amount and placement of the weight or club face design are different than it acts differently eg 5 iron flys like a 7 iron.
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