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  1. 1. Randy Znamirowski, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, 25-30 rounds per year- play lots (mostly) of 36 hole games on same day, some times 54 holes. Left hand clubs 2. FB, LinkedIN but can do more for this 3. 25 hc, 76-80 mph 4. Jazz FatCat Driver Jazz Play to Win hybrids (like woods 2,3,5,7,9) TNT Silver Eagle irons (2-9 & wedges PW & SW but don't use 2-3 irons anymore) irons replica of Ping Eye 2 from 1985 woods are from 2008 Slotline Inertia Putter (1985) TNT cart bag 1985 I would be a good tester to see if new equipment is better than my 34 year old clubs, note my irons and hybrids are all about 10 yards difference in length (from each other) an aspect I really like as all clubs should be like that 4. King cobra conventional or one length, either one (never tried one length), cart bag
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