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  1. 13 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:


    Continuing the great fun from last year's contest, Wilson Staff is back with MyGolfSpy for the 2019 edition of #SpyStaffSlam.  Be sure to watch each Major this year with MyGolfSpy and Wilson Staff for an opportunity to win prizes. First up, The Masters. 

    Just like last year, some BIG prizes are on the line:


    1st Prize: CUSTOM SET OF ANY WILSON STAFF IRONS (FG Tour V6, C300, C300 Forged, D7)

    My Post.jpg


    2nd Prize: WILSON D7 DRIVER



    3rd Prize: DOZEN OF ANY WILSON BALL (Duo Pro/Soft/Soft Spin/Optix, 50 Elite or Zip)





    How to Enter:

    1. The players participating in The Masters have been broken out into 5 Tiers
    2. Log in via desktop or mobile to select your players in Tiers 1-4 using the poll provided (won't work in-app)
    3. Reply to this thread with your selection for Tier 5 (anyone not in Tiers 1-4) AND your prediction for the winning score (tiebreaker).
    4. Watch and comment along with the rest of MGS in THE OFFICIAL MASTERS THREAD
    5. Winning entry will be whomever that has the most total prize money won amongst the 5 players
    6. Deadline to enter is 5:00am EST on Thursday, April 11, 2019


    Use that hashtag!  The winners will be announced during the week following The Masters.

    Vijay Singh -11

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